A delegation of BG debated what the general idea of this section should be quite a lot before it went live, and I've just realized that we forgot to ever post what it was. I feel this has led to a lot of confusion, so I'm going to try and write what I remember to be the final consensus.

Main idea:
To have mechanistic discussions about FFXI. Reporting current testing or asking about methodology are acceptable here, but you should not be asking how to apply knowledge that we've gained.

Good - Collaborating to research how Meteor works.

Bad - Asking whether hat X would be superior to hat Y for Meteor. It is a waste of everyone else's time two months down the line when hat X and Y have both been outdated by Z, and people have to sort through all that crap when they're looking for things in the future. Make a thread in FFXI: Everything if you have gearing questions and want to know the answer.

Very Bad - Hypothesizing that if BLM could use Meteor as a weapon skill then the game would be balanced. Go revive Alla's FFXI subforum if you feel the need to randomly post bullshit.

When to make a new thread:
If you are starting research on a topic that will take some time and you intend to see through to the end, it is probably worth making a new thread for it.

If your posts disappear:
Occasionally posts in the Random Fact Threads will form a coherent enough investigation into a topic that someone with mod powers (perhaps myself) will see fit to split them off into a thread. For instance, we had a ton of Regen testing spread throughout the Magic Random Fact thread. Now it is its own thread. So if your posts randomly disappear, check for threads on the topic.

... well, it's either that or they failed to follow the prime directive and were terminated.