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    My FFXIV remixes! [Unofficial]

    Hey guys, over the last year I have remixed 3 FFXIV tracks, and I want to share them with you! I keep elements from the original tracks, in attempt to keep an authentic sound. I hope to do a lot more in 2015, and I am open to suggestions etc!

    Youtube Links
    Sultana Dreaming (Ul'Dah Night) Rock Remix w/ music video: Watch out for spoilers in the video, some clips are shown from the start of Turn 9.

    Empire Theme (Rock Remix):

    On Windy Meadows (Song Version/Rock Remix):

    All of these track can be downloaded from Soundcloud:

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    Not a big fan of VG remixes with lyrics but nice stuff. You can guess I preferred the Empire Theme one.

    I might suggest that you watermark your videos with legal text saying that this is a fair use remix and that the original content is copyrighted SE etcetc... I've dealt with the 3rd-party legal group that SE employs a lot in the past and they're pretty retarded concerning usage of SE's content by the fanbase.

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    Here's my latest, Wanderer's Palace Hard Mode Remix, enjoy!


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    Gridania Rock Version, Enjoy!

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