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    Arus, at the time you had played we rushed out a vast amount of content as the mentalities of us the staff were a lot different at the time then they are now. We especially me have spent the better part of the past 2 months reorganizing content and finding the gaps in things which ultimately made certain things harder then they were intended to be. The other issue at hand is a vast majority of the time players tend to complain when there is nothing to complain about and never offer a viable suggestion to a given problem.

    We have had a staff member in secret over the past several weeks going through the server to find the holes in the leveling experience. As noone has ever attempted to re-balance the game for 99 play the way we have it is a trying and often very difficult thing to complete. We expect with the zone level reorganization as well as the inclusion of ilvl crafting in the coming weeks that a vast majority of things earlier players to the server had issues with will be fully resolved.
    I get being overwhelmed in pushing content. In hindsight, who knows, maybe you wish you would've done it differently. At the very least, I recall offering feedback on rough spots I encountered in my play. You might not have always agreed with my delivery, and I get I might've even been harsh through frustration, but I still recall instances that were simply met with counters of "Quit whining!" or "Code it yourself!" Loki's bitch fits over BLUs finding bugs with spells stands out to me still (and in one case leading to the discovery the entire spell file had been wiped/changed), and that kind of lacking restraint isn't really something I look for from a person in a position of authority.

    At the time, there were some pretty big issues like MACC and L100+ being buggy. I wasn't happy about the glut of instant-death moves, either by sheer damage or additional effect like Doom (and holy waters being ass). Things basically going to hell without chain-stuns is something I tried to bring your attention, too. The server's increased movement speed, carrying over to mobs, also made certain tactics more difficult. The game's enmity system then was also garbage, playing into the prior point if someone pulled hate off the tank (if you were lucky to have one), so I don't know if you've adopted retail's more recent variation there. Some social aspects really can't be overcome, like people preferring DPS roles over support, to the point you guys even started sanctioning WHM bots. I could've talked more about the leveling process if we got the perception you being receptive, but instead there were kneejerk reactions like some GoV pages getting nerfed or the insistence that @regen wouldn't work past 74, which basically meant if you weren't syncing in CN, you were a moron.

    End game prep was something I touched on in my last post, and I know during my tenure, the ZNM system went from free-spawn to popped. Aside from RNG being ass and things not popping out the right Salvage pieces someone might've been after, it felt like the end reward didn't really justify the hassle. I was fortunate to have completed my Morrigan's before the change, but I can only cringe at the thought of what those who came after might've had to go through in both organizing people and then the monotony of running back to Whitegate for more pops. Others might've found roadblocks in daily spawns or other mechanics that might've worked in 2005, but not so much these days. I'd even lump keeping CoP BCs capped into this category.

    Challenging people is cool, but as then and now, the challenge needs to come from the right angles. Presuming my character is intact, if I were to log in now, I'm guessing if I wanted to get anything outside of lowbie leveling done, I'd still be handily relying on others. Most probably won't know or remember me, which yields the disadvantage of wanting to help an "unproven" stranger. That's human nature, though. So, even if I could gear myself up into higher ilvls through crafting, I'm not sure if that form of endgame is something the general population would find enjoyable, either. More likely it'd be a supplement to other activities. And this is really where the size of a private server becomes the enemy, as your aspirations may work on a busy server, but fall flat when both activity and progress are so staggered between individuals. I'd tried to conveyed things like this back then, or at least I think I did, but it seems more like my message(s) came too early. *shrug*
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    XI was, and will always be, better.
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    The Patriarch
    FFXIV Server
    FFXI Server

    So uh, what are the chances of my old character that was deleted from ffxi-free being retrievable, and then in turn, transferable to this server? Probably 0% right?

    Despite all the ridiculously awesome curves that make leveling up faster, I can't do it again! I played as Patriarch back when Mishima was still a player and not an admin, and Viper ran the server like a mad maestro. Plus my relic and kclub, and all that other awesome stuff.

    Do miss it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patriarch View Post
    So uh, what are the chances of my old character that was deleted from ffxi-free being retrievable, and then in turn, transferable to this server? Probably 0% right?

    Despite all the ridiculously awesome curves that make leveling up faster, I can't do it again! I played as Patriarch back when Mishima was still a player and not an admin, and Viper ran the server like a mad maestro. Plus my relic and kclub, and all that other awesome stuff.

    Do miss it!
    You would have to login to Era and see if its stil there if it is then yes you can migrate it using the server transfer tool
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superstar View Post
    This server currently is unplayable as it is continusous hit with major lag spike. The GMs and community claim it is due to a "packet issue" however DSP released this fix well over a month ago.
    We have we believe resolved a good portion of the source of the lag, as of the past 24 hours we have had no complaints of any spikes. DSP Navmesh errors were spamming the HDD's with thousands of I/O requests per second.
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    Pernicious Presents 2016 Christmas Event!

    Adventurers! We moogles need your help to We all chipped in and got a really nice tree, or so we thought. You see we at the Mog House Management Union were planning this years festivities..And..Well..Things didn't go according to plan. We were using our mighty moogle magics to heft the star onto the tree when it..It just up and walked away! And it took all the gifts for you adventurers with it! You'll have to go beat them out of it to claim your gifts!

    We ordered the following from Fablinix or "Fab" the Goblin whose diaries are chronicled in "A Little Goblin's Adventure", after he approached us asking for this opportunity Kupo!

    Fablinix however says, it was our mog miscastin's that dun brung the tree to life! Yeah..Totally not any sleeping potion wearing off early on a trained holiday treant!

    Kupo we dont know what to do when the tree walked away it looked like this kupo!

    Search the following areas for these Twinkling Treants Kupo!

    West Ronfaure
    East Ronfaure
    North Gustaburg
    South Gustaburg
    West Sarutabaruta
    East Sarutabaruta

    [Additional Notes]

    The event is scheduled to run from December 5th 12:00 AM eastern time to January 5th 11:59 AM eastern time

    To see the proper names for these Notorious Monsters you will need Renamer for either Ashita v2 or Windower which can be downloaded from the link below

    An updated Renamer list for Legion can be downloaded from the following location

    December 5th will mark the second year of Legion Dark.

    We are able to celebrate this day thanks to all the adventurers who keep Vana'diel close to their hearts. Thank you for your steadfast support.

    This year, we will once again be holding a special campaign for Legions second anniversary, and we would like to offer everyone something special. The moogle overlords have decided to congratulate and thank you all by bestowing unto you the power of the ancients. Once every hour they will use their vast powers of magic to bestow a random buff onto your character.

    The most coveted of buffs shall last 15 minutes, while the weaker buffs which tax your bodies far less, will last for a full 30 minutes.

    During this campaign, moogles stationed throughout the three nations will provide players with a variety of information and records about their adventures, and may even give you a commemorative gift or two!

    In the nations, these moogles can be found at:
    (K-9), Southern San d'Oria, outside of the Eastern Ronfaure exit.
    (G-8), Bastok Markets, on the east side of the fountain.
    (F-5), Windurst Waters (Northern), at Odin's Gate going to the West Sarutabaruta exit.

    This event will run from 12:01am on Dec 1st until 11:59pm on Dec 7th 12th (extended due to a bug).

    The vast majority of time this year has been spent resolving outstanding issues with progression and server features stemming from major DSP updates. We will continue to provide version updates centered on these adjustments and continue to resolve the remaining outstanding issues which were caused by these DSP updates. While it is our goal to make the game easier to enjoy for solo players who are unable to play for long sessions, we will also continue to provide party-oriented content and difficult battles for those who wish to adventure with their friends.

    The development and operations teams are working tirelessly to provide you with the most engrossing Vana'diel experience to date, and we look forward to continuing our journeys with you in this, our third year of service.

    Also as a special thank you every 24 hours you will be able to obtain an Anniversary Ring each day during the event!

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    Small update today with the return of some big content

    Various Legiondark Bugfixes
    Various fixes for DSP problems Teo crammed into DSP
    Return of Relic and Mythic Trials
    Individual drop adjustments for Crafting Torques and 252 skill weapons
    Adjustment of Abyssea entrance level to 95
    Enabling SOA WS calculations for Christmas Event
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    2016 will be forever known as the year of the Massive Update that never ended on Legiondark. With two very Massive Updates and 5 sequential patches between October and December the development team has been hard at work answering all of your issues. Massive Update Part 1/2/3 all started as one gigantic patch which we had hoped would solve a majority of the servers issues in a single stroke.

    Towards the end of February it quickly became apparent that the Massive Update would need to be split into multiple updates. On March 18th we successfully rolled out Massive Update Part 1 combined with level 119 crafting and a re-balance and reorganization of basic progression on the server. This was the first step in getting us to a position where we could comfortably keep everything updated with DSP on a regular basis. Over the next several months we continued to move all retail accurate aspects of the project over to Darkstar Project in an attempt to make updating even easier.

    On Sept 17th we launched Massive Update Part 2 which had multiple QOL improvements combined with several new changes to the server, SU 1/2 gear functioning, Mog 3/4. the reopening of some closed content due to various issues and synergy recipes being moved to regular crafting. The successful completion of this update allowed us to re-sync with Darkstar Project and roll out multiple smaller updates throughout the rest of the year culminating in the reopening of our last major piece of content in December the return of the Relic and Mythic trials.

    2016 Census Numbers
    • 6042 Unique accounts active on Legion
    • 10391 Individual characters active on Legion
    • Average of 75 players online at any given time

    Website, Wiki, and Discord

    2016 saw several changes on the social media aspect of LegionDark. First addressing our most recent change, we have discontinued the use of Teamspeak and have now in addition to our presence in IRC have opened a new Discord channel.

    The website has also underwent massive changes, thanks to our good friend Atom0s. We have anew design complete with direct links to our forums, discord, and IRC channels. We also have multiple tools to assist adventurers in their day to day questions in the world of Vana' diel. BCNM tools, Blu Mage Tools, Item tools with crafting recipes, and of course a complex Monster database which gives detailed information regarding mob levels, location, abilities etc.

    Perhaps one of the more important developments has happened in the last 60 days. Immortality, Sami, and Soren have been aggressively working to populate the Wiki for you the players. To see the changes as well as up to date information on how to obtain various upgrades on the server please hop on over to and use the search feature to get the most up to date information on how things work on LegionDark. Please remember this is a WIP and a good amount of information is still being transferred to the wiki from our forums.

    2017 and Beyond!

    Whats in store for LegionDark in 2017, well the answer to that is simple; balance. We intend to continue working on the balance issues that have been brought up to us by current and former members of the community. We are working as quickly and diligently as possible to continue resolving these balance issues for progression, trials, mob behavior, enmity etc., and will continue to work on them to the best of our abilities. At this time we have no plans to just roll out any new content for the sake of having new content. We do however have several things in the works which will hopefully help us with our overall goals on balancing the server so it is more enjoyable for you. We look forward to seeing what 2017 brings and hope that you will continue to join us on this wild ride of discovery.


    LegionDark Development Team
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    Todays Maint will resolve the following issues
    • Various Legiondark Bugfixes
    • Various fixes for DSP problems Teo crammed into DSP
    • Waist Category added to AH
    • Resolved issue with Chonchon preventing it from spawning
    • Added skills and abilities to mobs in Abyssea Vunkerl
    • Made another attempt at non retail enmity tweaking.
    • Attempted to make physical blue spells less garbage without putting them at crazy power levels.
      • Weapon and attack stats now matter for physical blue magic. Magic typed spells have had an advantage being boosted by the macc and magic attack on item level gear while physical spells have not been benefiting at all from higher attack stats and stronger weapons. They do now.
    • Implement entrance changes to Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion
      • Tome in Rolanberry Fields teleports to lobby area instead of Hall. Tome in lobby will handle Hall entry.
      • 1 fee for entire alliance instead of per person.
      • All alliance members in zone automatically will be pulled into the hall.
      • Exit portals are now in place, no more being trapped if you forget to bring warp.
      • Correct entry events and arrival positions are now used.
      • Missing spawns repaired. Positions adjusted.
      • Hall of Mul now properly spawns in 3 "waves" instead of each single mob spawning 1 other single mob.
      • Both Botulus and Gallu now count as the boss for title purposes.
      (additional Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion info in previous news thread).
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    January 24th, 2017 Maintenance Notes

    Known issues to be resolved in future maintenances:
    • Some new food items cannot yet be crafted, see issue:
    • Several Wyrm NMs are misbehaving (flight and skill related issues, balance issues)
    • BST Jug pet buff intended for this maintenance did not function as planned, work is in progress to fix this in the next maintenance!
    • Odin and Alexander avatars broken (Makes Teo sad! Very sad!)
    • Several Blood pacts are broken (Makes Teo sad! Very sad!)
    • Dynamis mobs spawn unable to attack (exit and reenter dynamis to fix)
    • some items drop rates are far lower than intended, will fix soon

    Legion updates:
    • Re fix Taisaijin and Taisai for millionth time after latest DSP "fix"..Reset "days since last Taisaijin incident" sign back to zero. Cry in Corner.
    • Cure V no longer creates more enmity than intended, and uses a fixed amount identically to retail.
    • Atonement no longer stupidly capped to 990 dmg. Possibly OP'd now, may require further revisions.
    • Invincible now always equals fully capped CE and VE. If another target has capped hate, the monster doesn't just forget that and this is not invincible fault.
    • Treasure hunter now effectively caps at +15. While more TH can theoretically be acquired, amounts above 15 will be treated as TH 15..As a reminder, every point of TH above TH2 is a direct addition to the drop %
    • ilvl gear no longer mistakenly adds additional skill to players combat skills (its supposed to be per weapon, not in your menu)
    • A custom hack has been added to improve player pets max HP when a weapon with item level stats is equipped.
    • A custom hack has been added to make main hand weapon's with item levels improve the statistics of:
      • Players summoned Avatars
      • Players Wyverns
      • Players Jug pets Coming next maintenance!
    • The above pet related adjustments are snapshot based, meaning the stats from the currently equipped weapon apply at spawn and do not change after the pet is spawned. Any level cap effect will despawn the pets. Any exploit discovered and not reported will result in banning.
    • When DSP does more work on PUP, the automaton will be boosted by item level Animators. Sorry PUP you aren't fixed yet.

    DSP updates:
    • Author: TeoTwawki
      Partial revert of that derped up merge in revision c1ee2b17f9b0382497ae8634a25216d2e3c63c42
    • Author: TeoTwawki
      Move Field Manuals, Grounds Tomes, and Voidwatch NPCs away form needing static IDs in zone scripts..
    • Author: TeoTwawki
      Add MACC% mods for food scripts to use.
    • Author: TeoTwawki
      Annoyingly, its EFFECT_CURSE in the core, but EFFECT_CURSE_I in script.
    • Author: TeoTwawki
      Fix some IDs in Crawlers_Nest_[S]/Zone.lua
    • Author: TeoTwawki
      Fix guild global derpage
    • Author: wrenffxi
      Mods QC for itemId >= 28250
      * Added set bonuses for Teal Set +1, Aurore Set +1, Perle Set +1
      * Fixed mixed-up mods MOD_SKILLCHAINDMG (bonus dmg% from gear), MOD_SKILLCHAINBONUS (should not be on gear), and Chain Affinity base damage bonus (MOD doesn't exist yet)
      * Switched sign of MOD_BLACK_MAGIC_CAST sign on Abyss burgeonet +2
      * Switched sign of MOD_GRIMOIRE_SPELLCASTING on several items
      * Removed MOD_WHITE_MAGIC_CAST from items that should have either MOD_CURE_CAST_TIME or MOD_DARK_MAGIC_CAST (doesn't yet exist)
    • Author: wrenffxi
      Renamed crepe_forestiere to match item_usable
      Fixed crepes to utilize the new MOD_FOOD_MACCP and MOD_FOOD_MACC_CAP.
      * Modified: scripts/globals/items/butter_crepe.lua
      * Modified: scripts/globals/items/chocolate_crepe.lua
      * Modified: scripts/globals/items/crepe_belle_helene.lua
      * Modified: scripts/globals/items/crepe_caprice.lua
      * Modified: scripts/globals/items/crepe_delice.lua
      * Rename: scripts/globals/items/crepe_forestiere.lua (from scripts/globals/items/crepe_forestierre.lua)
      * Modified: scripts/globals/items/crepe_paysanne.lua
      * Modified: scripts/globals/items/pear_crepe.lua
    • Author: Brierre
      Make ponds in Crimson Orb quest give curse instead of plague (#3662)
    • Author: wrenffxi
      Added missing foods (B)
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/b.e.w._pitaru.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/bean_daifuku.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/bean_daifuku_+1.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/behemoth_steak.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/behemoth_steak_+1.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/black_prawn.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/poultry_pitaru.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/rolanberry_daifuku.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/rolanberry_daifuku_+1.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/seafood_pitaru.lua
      * Added: scripts/globals/items/stuffed_pitaru.lua
    • Author: Brierre
      Fixes to EFFECT_BLINDNESS and FLAG_ERASABLE in spells/abilities
    • Author: wrenffxi
      This fixes a bug I introduced with my last emotes commit, that prevented motion-only emotes.
    • Author: Dan Dumont
      Fix Taisaijin
    • Author: Tyler Schneider
      Fixed being able to do actions while jailed
    • Author: wrenffxi
      Wyverns will now be named correctly after initial name selection.
    • Author: wrenffxi
      Quest Lovers in the Dusk will now be removed from quest log.
    • Author: heepster03
      Fixed npc to give turban at 1000 (like retail) not > 1000.
    • Author: wrenffxi
      Card shots, Atonement and Spirits Within now use function rather than binding
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    PUPdate Arrives!

    Maintenance Details:
    • Expected Client Version updated to 30171103_1
      Version differences will now render an in game warning message, instead of blocking login entirely.
      To update your client read

    • The advanced job "Puppetmaster" is now available for play on LegionDark. You must clear certain quests in order to acquire the new job.
      • You need to complete the puppetmaster quests even if you have puppetmaster unlocked as an imported job, or you will not have access to heads/frames/animator!
      • Mythic Trial for PUP h2h weapon has been added. Artifact/Relic/Empyrean Reforge are work in progress, will likely be hotfixed in soon!
      • Followup posts will detail nonworking PUP features.
    • ilvl (100/105/106) Armor previously obtained from Legion has been readded to the server. The armor now drops from Notorious Monsters around the game world. This armor is still upgraded via Tanzanite Jewels and Legion Points.
      • ilvl 100 gear readded Orvail, Thurandaunts, Karieyh
      • ilvl 106 gear readded Weatherspoon, Shneddick, Gorney
    • ilvl (100/105/106) Armor upgraded via Legion Moogle has had its upgrade costs reduced. Please see below for the new costs.
      • ilvl 100-109 upgrade path Orvail, Thurandaunts, Karieyh (head,hands,feet,legs) now costs 5 tanzanite jewels each to upgrade
      • ilvl 109 upgrade path (body) costs remain the same at 10 tanzanite jewels
      • ilvl 106-119 upgrade path Weatherspoon, Shneddick, Gorney (head,hands,feet,legs) now costs 10 tanzanite jewels each
      • ilvl 119 upgrade path (body) cost has been reduced to 20 tanzanite jewels
    • The drop list for the Notorious Monster Shinryu have been adjusted
      • Friomisi Earring Returns!
    • DSP Bugfixes
      • We are now 100% up to date with all darkstar changes with a minor exception of some customized spell scripts to be hotfixed (some DSP functionality has changed).
    • Legiondark Bugfixes
      • The insane amount of work put into fixing broken custom content is still ongoing, but much of it is live now. Some that worked before may have been impacted by recent darkstar changes. Teo has been and will continue hacking away at issues as they are found.
      • Absolute Virtue will be hotfixed soon. He is temporarily not spawnable.
        The NPC's Rennik in Upper Jeuno and Prishe in Abyssea-Empyreal Paradox will be undergoing some hotfix changes in the near future. You may notice new NPCs nearby who currently have no function.
      • Xmas event and Anniversary events have been updated. Anniversary Event extended to December 10th! New prizes and past prizes you missed out on are available!

    Auction House Updates:
    • Items sold by Guild NPC's will no longer be stocked or purchased by the system, players now need to walk to the guild NPCs as they are open 24/7
    • The following Auction House Categories have been re-added to the auction house bot up to level 75
      • Please note certain items to level 75 are designated to be stocked by the players, the bot by design will not sell or purchase these items. No items over level 75 will be handled by the auction bot, these are meant to be player controlled.
      • Legs
      • Feet
      • Back

    Wiki Updates:
    Additional Details:
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