Hi folks,

I'm looking to get into doing some youtube videos while playing games (i know, super original idea), but I'm curious if anyone here is doing this already. I know this is mainly the game streaming section, but I didn't notice if anyone runs all that stuff over to Youtube after.

At the moment I was looking to start with getting a Fraps license and playing just some normal games through Steam to get a taste of the process. I have Creative Cloud available through my work so I any editing and encoding tools I'd need through that.

I guess I'm looking for recommendations on setup, or programs to use. I've seen a couple of console PVRs, but instead of plunking $200 or so down on getting hardware right away, I'd like to test out a few things first and get a feel for it.

Sorry if this isn't really the place for this, this was the closest place I could find to post.