We are a reroll guild on US-Korgath. One of the first things that you find in rerolls is that a lot of people burn out before they ever get to the level cap. It happens, and we know some people will taper off and ultimately we’ll end up with a smaller number of the people that we started with. It’s the nature of the “reroll beast”. In most reroll cases, this is generally due to a lack of focus or direction with the guild itself. Often the rerolls that begin with the intention of raiding don’t take into account class and role balance, player experience, or just don’t have a defined structure for organizing end game pursuits. Granted, this is not true for ALL reroll guilds. Some are very successful. But… it’s pretty rare. The good news is that we plan for these things to happen.


We have a defined goal with an end-game plan.

This project has been started by a very experienced pair of end game raiders at the helm. The initial team of people starting this reroll have been playing for quite some time and know what it takes to make a successful raid group and guild.

Server: Korgath – PVP/CST
Start Date: April 3 (Depending on how many people get on board during recruitment.)

Website: helixguild.net
(Note: Please excuse the dust as we tweak and polish the website. We wanted to get the forums and application online as soon as possible. Still some things to do!)

Guild Leaders: Ariy (Lina#1722) & Skyle (Wilco#1426)
  • Heirlooms will be allowed
  • DKs are allowed (Leveling another class with the group to 55 is required, however.)
  • Everyone will begin leveling on the same day (No head starts.)
  • Expecting members to be 100 within 2 weeks (Possible extension if needed, but we doubt it will be necessary.)
  • We are not allowing RAF (We want to keep the level gap as narrow as we can.)

This is a reroll with the emphasis on leveling 1 to 100 as a group and hanging out, getting to know one another, and get into some early progression here in both Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry, pressing in as far as we are able to logically go before the next tier hits.

The goal is to work out all the kinks that we may have as a team, and be ready to tackle the next tier. It also gives people a chance to play something different in terms of spec, class or role that perhaps that may not have otherwise had the chance to do so. We are looking to get 15 solid core raiders total with the goal being 20 in the end. We are also taking raid makeup into consideration when invite people.

Raiding will be 2 nights a week required, with a 3rd optional/clean up night. There will be no more than 3.5 to 4 hours per night. Period. We’ll have a hard stop and that will be our hard stop. We feel a raiding group can accomplish as much in 8 hours over 2 nights as a guild that raids 9 hours over 3. The 3rd night will more than likely just be a small group of people who have the extra time and want to try to push bosses or clear on normal. Our goal is to fill our group properly with talented people who have awareness, skill and understand their role, rotation and raid priority… If we can do this, we will do really well.

If you are interested in becoming a core raider with us, please visit our site and fill out an application. This is just getting started so we are currently recruiting EVERYTHING. As time goes on the classes and roles we need most will be posted on the site.

If you are a little less hardcore about things but are still interested in a fresh start, don’t let that stop you! Socials are more than welcome, just indicate your level of interest in your application and you’re good to go.

We promise... the application isn't that long.