I tried bg bucket but this file well exceeds the 3mb limit. That's why I put it on drop box.

Basically I wanted a decent sized map that had a ton of information on it. I found this map:

Then proceeded to downloaded all the most detailed chunks of images from the website, in total almost 800 images to arrange. So I arrange all the most detailed images I could get into this file, flattened it, the link above is for a jpg but I also have pdf and psd in the following dropbox folder:

This is a low resolution preview that I uploaded elsewhere, just so you could see what it looked like. The high res files are at the drop box links.

I printed two versions of this today, one smaller one with all 3 maps together, and another larger one where the 3 maps were cut apart separately, they both came out awesome.

Fiance was having trouble figuring out where she should be leveling so this should help quite a bit.

I left the creator's credits on the map because reasons, if you want them removed its not that hard to figure out how to do it yourself.