I have to install shrew soft VPN to save a pc from a mistake my new colleague did. So before installing this on the client computer I installed the trial professional version on my pc.

So I install the shrew soft VPN ( Windows 7 64bits) and import the vpn connection .pcf from the old Cisco VPN software.

Then I try the VPN and everything works, so I put the connection as public so I could log on that VPN at the windows login screen.

So I log off and choose different user then shrew soft credentials. I select the good connection ( the .pcf) from earlier then I enter my own VPN credential. Then in the windows login section I put in the good domain ( simple name and tried domain.ad) then I use my domain username and password.

But it keeps saying wrong user or password, which is not the case because it worked if I'm already logged in windows. And tried to find logs see for more errors but nothing found.

Anyone got an idea?