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    Relic Shield
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    Jun 2011
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    FFXI Server

    I'm not showing up in the Discord.

    Edit: I am showing in the BG side feed.

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    My Little Ixion
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    Aug 2007
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    Olorin Bustyoas
    FFXIV Server
    FFXI Server

    What is the full link to your stream. (hitbox, twitch, etc)

    Do you stream PC, Console, or both.
    PC (I don't have the gear for my PS4 yet)

    What games do you primarily stream?
    FFXIV and MTG Arena/Online.

    How high a quality do you shoot for in your stream. (1080x30, 720x60, Potato)
    720p 60fps

    Do you drop F-Bombs like its a Tarantino movie?
    Ehhh not that much.

    Would you consider yourself a more family oriented stream or more adult themed.
    Definitely adult content. Unless you consider naked lalas a family thing.

    What is your twitter handle so we can follow you.

    Your regular stream schedule:
    Mon/Wed/Thurs 7-11pm Eastern are my set days, tho I sometimes start early or stream on Tue/Sat/Sun depending on IRL.

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