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    3.0 summoner raid rotation / dps tips

    So im a new FF14 player in general 3 weeks in and have had no prior raiding experience with the summoner so im not sure how it played out before.

    It would seem keeping dots uptime to 100% is #1 and before 3.0 you filled in with ruin spam and fester, now with the new abilities im trying to figure the best way to incoprate them so im here asking you guys to post your thoughts and opinions so far.

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    So far the general consensous is saving Tri-Disaster for when you're in Dreadwyrm Trance, so it a) is always buffed and b) being an ogcd ability, will allow you for more Ruin III spam. Other than that, the opening changed a bit too, leaning towards an initial volley of unbuffed, hardcasted dots and a semi-fast use of stacks to have Trance ready soon, followed by powering up with all cooldowns (RS, DT, Potion), Tri-Disaster and fit there a Fester and as many Ruin III's as possible before the obligatory Akh Morn.

    Things in an actual fight, of course, can vary a lot. On Bismarck you save all your cool stuff for exploding the carapace at the beginning, and on Ravana, well, I've barely started fighting it, so I'm debating wether I should save all my CDs or not for the damage phase, but just with all the jumps and dodging, many times throwing a Painflare there just to not lose the Aethertrail stacks is necessary instead of waiting for dots to be reapplied for a Fester.

    tl; dr is: try to align Dreadwyrm Trance, Tri-Disaster and contagion always, spam Ruin III as much as you can during Trance and end with Akh Morn/Orbital laser/Deathflare, maintain all DoTs outside of it, and spread/delay your Festers so you have a DT ready for the next TD/Contagion.

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