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    [TCG] Any of you play Trading Cards Games and feel like sharing his game? Please do it here!

    Hello guys, any of you play cards? I do play Yu Gi Oh from time to time, anyone else?

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    Tio Derp
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    Yugioh here. Building my fifth deck atm to mess around with. My main is a Harpie deck and I love it so

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    MTG here but used to play yugioh about a decade ago, used to be my main tcg but I moved on when they split the traditional and advanced format. Also dabbled in some duel masters, pokemon, VS system, and yu yu hakusho back in the day.

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    Nice, I don't know any other TCG than YGO sadly, as its quite expensive I stick to only one.

    Viserdes, what did you use to play?

    Loki, what are your other decks?

    I play only one (Monarchs) ppl like to say its slow & sucks, but its still doing pretty well as there are not alot of defense against effects that tribute the opponent's monsters, which can be quite surprising for them.

    Right now playing my own main deck (incomplete) formula:

    3 Mathematician
    3 Caius
    3 Raiza
    1 Mega Caius
    1 Mega Mobius
    1 Mobius
    2 Majesty's Fiend
    3 Battle Fader
    2 Treeborn Frog
    2 Gorz
    2 Effect Veiler
    1 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
    1 Thunder King Rai-Oh
    1 Denko Sekka

    3 Monarch Stormforth
    1 Foolish Burial
    2 MST
    2 Enemy Controller
    2 Pot of Duality
    1 Pot of Dichotomy
    1 Raigeki

    Extra Deck: (14)
    1 Trishual
    2 Stardust
    2 Zenmaines
    2 Blackrose
    2 Goyo
    1 Myst Wurm
    2 Bounzer
    1 Catastor
    1 Formula Synchro

    Trying to build something using the same kind of mechanics as the current top tiers, while disrupting their plays by tributing their monsters (Stormforth) or taking control of them via Enemy controller/Goyo. but I miss some cards, I am still hunting for a secondary Ghost Ogre, secondary Denko.

    Might add a Dandelyon & 1-2 Crane Crane when I get these cards.

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