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    The Chocobro Show:

    Greets everyone!

    So this is something I've been planning for awhile, I'm really passionate about RPGs as both a player and a developer/writer.

    I've looked at a lot of the content on YouTube/twitch and there's tons of content for people playing these games, or critiquing the story elements, but I noticed there's a rather large dearth of people who examine and critique the game design, world building, and technical aspects of games. I imagine mostly because most players can't really talk about these aspects in-depth or only notice when it's *really* off.

    So in that respect, I feel like I can actually offer some insight people might value, commenting about world building, design decisions, technical limitations and how they influence the design, and in-depth explanations about why certain exploits work.

    I've been helping other people for awhile, in that I'm usually the tech guy operating the equipment or doing some of the video editing, but this is my first real foray into being a content creator myself. This is something I'm interested in doing professionally if there's a demand for it, so with that said, I'd like to invite the BG community along for the ride.

    My intentions are to basically use the following formats:

    - Live stream games as I'm playing them 3-4 days nights a week around 6-10PM EST, and comment/critique as I'm playing. I'll be dual-casting to both Twitch and YouTube gaming at least until I am forced to be exclusive.

    - Use that footage to compile longer-form videos with a more in-depth analysis and explore things that are impractical for a live stream.

    So as I start this adventure I greatly appreciate ANY constructive criticism, my goal is to get better at this and turn professional if there's a demand, so comments about my content, the way I present, my speaking style, etc, are all helpful in improving.

    I plan to do my first stream tomorrow(9/21/15) 6-10EST and hope to see some of you there!

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    Going live now for my first session, playing gameboy RPG - Great Greed

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    Going live again for wed session, 6-10~ or so, playing Great Greed, GB classic RPG with some unique elements. Come join me!

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    Going live, playing survival kids for GBC.

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    Going live, should be last day of survival kids!

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    Darua puts on a good show. Educational and informative. Engages the audience too. Got my sub.

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    Thanks for the praise, going live with Final Fantasy Adventure now!

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    Going live at 6PM EST, continuing on with FFA.

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    Going live in a moment with Ys Origin.

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    Going live again in a few minutes with more Ys Origin NIGHTMARE MODE

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