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    [Diabolos] Warriors of Valhalla recruiting new members/small FCs

    Warriors of Valhalla (WoV) is a Veteran Free Company led by active officers who have played since Beta testing. We're friendly, diverse, growing, and looking for fresh faces! We have a wide variety of @ 60 players across all skill levels and time zones. We love Final Fantasy!

    WoV is committed to creating a game play environment that's fun for everyone, and encourages open communication and civility in interactions, no matter the commitment level of an individual. Our success comes from both our leader and officers, who uphold an attitude of continuous learning and openness to help in any situation. As Co-Founders of the Diabolos FC Coalition you gain access to 100s of players which provides opportunities for growth, entertainment, and diversity that goes above and beyond what any one Free Company may provide.

    All are welcome here's what we're always looking for:
    •We're always looking for end game players to help fill out static raid groups. With the help of the FC Coalition we are able to create raid groups of folks spread through out Eorzea corners and time zones.
    •As we grow, we'll be looking for others with Free Company leader experience, to help manage our growing group.
    •We're looking for players who are in the midst of leveling multiple jobs to help interact with our newer players and run content.
    •Our community continues to grow and engage in more events, raids, pvp, etc. As this continues, we'll be looking for members who enjoy facilitating activities of this nature.
    •Have a small FC of active members looking for a boost? We would love to talk with you about integrating with ours. Please be sure to contact us in game or message me if interested in transferring for more details about this!!
    •Let's get our ranking into the top 10 of the server!

    WoV is here to enhance your FFXIV experience. We've created an open space for varying play styles and personalities, however, we have plenty of capacity to support end game content and competitive play. We're actively recruiting players who are looking to grow with us, whether you're new to MMO's, or the first on the server to clear a new end game raid. We have an active Facebook page, Forum and TeamSpeak to help facilitate the recruiting process, organize events, and ensure active communication.

    A little more about Warriors of Valhalla:
    •FC Website and Forum
    •TeamSpeak server with Officer presence most time of the day
    •Medium Size house, actively being worked on
    •Resources available for any who asking (Crafting materials, etc.)
    •Information and Mentors
    •Frequent events both FC exclusive and in association with our FC Alliance

    If a medium FC with a big FC mentally looking to constantly grow sounds like a good fit for you, please submit an in-game application today, or feel free to send any officer a /tell. (Sypher Selvant, Enzo Cadmus, Raeven Shadowburn, Noasis Zerostyle, Jeff Js)


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    Friendly bump!

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