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    Quote Originally Posted by steellord View Post
    that was my point, they figure no one will pay for two mmo, so shove their customers from the older one into the new

    the other factor is investing in new content on pc vs the mobile app. They could do both for sure, but diminishing returns and all - none will pay for both versions

    the idea that they need to keep fees just to keep the servers up, with no new content to speak of, is so laughable when considering all the F2P games out there, and some have even been around longer and with fewer players. SE is just being greedy whores here by the time march rolls around
    a lot of people pay for 2 mmos. it's really not that expensive. whether they play them is another issue, but they're not well correlated. SE being greedy whores is nothing new. They never said anything about keeping fees to keep servers up - it was just a matter of maintaining status quo. Nothing needed to be changed.

    I've been subbed to XI for a good 12 years and XIV for at least 3, but there have been points in between where i don't play for months on end, or when I didn't touch XIV because it was going to shut down anyway. Whether there was content wouldn't have made a difference because I didn't play it anyway. All I wanted was to keep my account active so I could pop in anytime if I wanted to.

    If I wasn't happy, I could just unsub. SE doesn't owe me any obligation to retain my patronage. Besides, with XI, they've set their sights on a bigger market already.

    Quote Originally Posted by steellord View Post
    i'm seriously laughing just thinking of a game that once induced 12hr lotto pops and all night hnm fights (like the first PW) to the point people got physically sick, being phased into a phone game for jp players riding the subway...

    the mobile version will by necessity be nothing like the ff11 i remember. They should just call it a different game seriously

    if i wanted to play still when the official servers shut down, it would be on private servers on pc
    you're not making a very good point. the current version of ffxi is already nothing like the ffxi you remember. No individual content takes more than an hour to clear. Most fall within the timespan of 20-30min. FFXI has evolved and will continue to evolve when it hits mobile. You sound like you refuse to admit it.
    And it's not like they're forcing you to play it.

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    I've said it before, but I wouldn't really expect free-roaming phone game. Odds are you're going to have zones broken into explorable points of interest where completing a fight or some other objective unlocks the next one. You'll probably want to grind in some now and then for levels, but it won't really be as "active" as XI is. Closest it could possibly get is maybe FFRK, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some turn-based system with partying being more a case of getting a friend's ID and using their character in a slot, otherwise you get some Trust-like options.

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