Guild: Luna Veneris

GM: Sariae Miharu

Server: Balmung

Data Center: Aether

Who We Are:

Luna Veneris is a 1.0 guild that was remade for 2.0 content. We have recently restructured to remove a lot of negative attitude and to rebuild the community that we loved in 1.0 and 2.0. We are a community of adults, students, parents, and above all - gamers. We value respect and teamwork, and a willingness to help your guild out. We have crafters and gatherers, raiders and casual players. Our arms are open to old and new players alike.
We just want to have fun and we want to have it with you.
LGBT Friendly, EU/PST/EST friendly.

Who We Are Looking For:

We are looking for 18+ folks who are both mature and irrepressibly silly and cheerful. LGBT friendly, able to respect differences in others and the desire to learn content together and do events. The willingness to LISTEN in on mumble during raids is helpful. All timezones are welcome, but we ask that you be dedicated and patient as we rebuild the heart of our community with you in mind.