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    New Gaming Podcast and Website (Zerocast / Zeroto75.com)

    Hey guys, looooooong time BG goer. I am dropping by, because some friends and I have started a new Video Game Podcast/Website and was hoping anyone out there may be interested in checking us out. We spent a lot of time trying to make everything the best we possibly could and we are constantly updating and releasing new content with huge plans in the future. I will leave some links here for anyone who wants to take a peek! Thanks guys we really appreciate any support you all can give to us!

    Podcast: Zerocast (Also available on iTunes! Just search 'Zerocast')
    Dedicated to the discuss of all Video Games, new and old. We bring an exciting, new take on the industry and its future.

    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
    Episode 7
    Episode 8
    (Most Current)Episode 9

    General Website - Zero To 75 - http://zeroto75.com/
    Video game news and review website committed to breaking down why we play games and what we love about them. We believe it is important to celebrate the games that are meaningful and help to shape both our lives and the industry as a whole.

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    Updated - 4th Episode Released!

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    Updated - 5th Episode is out! It is our huge Holiday GAME OF THE YEAR Extravacasta! Also Happy Holidays!

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    Updated - 6th Episode is now available!

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    Updated - We've released our 7th episode! We are also coming out with video content so expect a lot of that soon!

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    Updated - Release of episodes 8 and 9. We also started doing video content so check us out at Zero To 75 on Youtube!

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    Are you guys still posting new content?

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    We aren't unfortunately. We ended up moving away from each other and had to end up canceling it.

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