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    [Leviathan] - Sturmgrenadier is Recruiting

    STURMGRENADIER – Where professionals play!

    Who we are: Sturmgrenadier has been actively involved in the best online games for over 15 years. Our 800+ member strong clan is comprised of men and women from all over the globe who have found the balance between gaming life and real life. Our approach is organized for success and fun. We are where professionals play!

    Sturmgrenadier in Final Fantasy:

    Within Final Fantasy XIV, we have a fantastic close knit community that has been together since closed beta. As most free companies, our ranks have thinned due to the long cycle between the release of Heavensward, and patch 3.1.

    What we offer:

    * A growing free company with opportunities for leadership.
    * A private Teamspeak server.
    * Professionally operated and curated forums.
    * Medium house w/ 3 leveled airships.
    * A lot of fun with great people.

    Who we’re looking for:

    We are looking for active players of FFXIV who want to succeed and have fun. We accept all classes and playstyles.

    Apply today and have a chat with me to see what we are all about!

    Ktap – Final Fantasy Commanding Officer


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    So THIS is why you were spamming replies.

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