Holy crap, I'm making a post on BG again. Been forever.

The group is currently made up of people that have seen A3S to enrage or are on A4S (minus one that learns incredibly quickly and has played FFXI and FFXIV both since day one hardcore; was in Apathy). I used to run a leading edge Salvage group in FFXI and feel like getting back to the front lines of clearing FFXIV content, instead of continuously wiping with groups that are less than optimal.

Current times are 3-4 nights per week (we decide what next night we can run each time we run) from ~12:15am EST until ~3:00am EST (or when awakeness tank empties).

We're looking for similar people (i.e. significant A3S progression or more) that are willing to take criticism and can focus for more than 30 minutes to an hour at a time to make actual progress and get this stupid fight done, and then manage to get through A4S within a decent bit of time.

Currently looking for:


We expect Thordan weapon and ~i205 on the job (mostly because of current available gear options) at a minimum.

If you can't take jokes, or you can't process criticism and actually improve your play, don't bother responding--you'll hate the group and it'd just waste both of our time.

You can either respond with a message to me here, or send me a tell in game (Geno Sync) for more information.