I'm looking for a group that is working on A4S, as group I am in is on break until 3.2 and requires remaking. I'm currently experienced up to the 4th leg.

Currently, I can be available any day, i'd prefer to be done and dusted by 10pm UK time. I can raid a bit later at a push and on non work days.
I don't want to be teaching people A1S/A2S/A3S during raid nights, but I am interested in running these fights to continually improve, as well as other content.
I've cleared everything in the game apart from A4S.

I would like to think I pull very good numbers with my BLM but I am always looking to get the best possible performance out of myself. I consistently theorycraft my role and am always looking to do whatever I can to maximize group DPS and personal DPS. I am not interested in carrying DPS. I'm not interested in switching to Summoner for Raiding.

I'm currently on Odin server (EU) and I would prefer not to transfer for a temporary group, and I don't want to leave the FC I am in. I'm also interested in filling in for groups and doing other content with groups.

I'm not quite at the point where I would consider a permanent position, but that depends on if the remaining members in the group I am in currently in decide to carry on with the game.

Please either send me a tell ingame, or reply here. Thanks