Edit: found a group last night so no longer looking.

My character is Zumi Kasumi on Sargatanas long time FFXI and FFXIV player.
Lodestone: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodest...racter/349437/

Looking for a Alex Midas Savage group. I play Paladin main ilvl 210 but my war and dark are also 210 could be used as well. My monk is 210 as well but enjoy tanking way more then dpsing. Looking for people who enjoy playing FFXIV and want to do endgame content.

My last group was on A3S for a long time then disbanded because half of the group wanted to quit the game.

I am in Pacific time zone so something in the evening Pacific Time would work for me. 6:30pm or later start time would work out

Not too interested in server transferring or anything I have a house and some friends on Sargatanas already.

Send me a tell in game Zumi Kasumi or post here to contact me.