Hey folks!

I've been meaning to try out this whole streaming thing for a while now. I was originally waiting until either AT&T or Google finished laying their new lines in my neighborhood (only have about 1mb upload currently), but they've been dragging their feet. So for the time being I decided it couldn't hurt to try streaming some offline games.

I've done a couple test streams featuring some Shovel Knight gameplay. Video looked good, but chat was empty the whole time, so I only do a limited amount of talking throughout.

I'm thinking about starting this Monday (start time TBD) with the launch of Dark Souls III and hope for some of that new game viewership. I'll probably uploading it to my Youtube channel (Blood Sweat & Games)afterwards as well.

So if you're interested, stop by https://www.twitch.tv/tybold and smash that follow button to see when I go live!