Hello. Thank you for your interest in King’s Landing Free Company (GoT) on Hyperion (Legacy) Server. My name is Celestialone Takeda (FC Master), and this is what we are about:

King’s Landing (GoT) is about a dedication to the principle that a family-style friendship-based group can also be an End-game Free Company and successfully tackle the hardest content the game has to offer. This model was set down over 10 years ago in Final Fantasy XI. It has translated into a successful endgame FC all the way from then until now. We have four separate leaders in that time and hundreds of members who have come and gone in that span of time.

To understand if this is the FC for you, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Is the fun of working together as part of team more important than simple gear acquisition? To be more precise, we will get all the drops any skilled endgame group will get, but do insist we work together to learn the fights. That means going in and dying in Midas, Sephirot extreme, many times to learn it together so that even the weakest members get the practice they need.

Is helping other people before yourself a priority for you? In King’s Landing we discourage competition between members for drops. SE has introduced a fine method of Need vs. Greed for gear and except in occasional circumstances, this will determine who gets what. No drama. Concentrate on helping the people around you and you will find them helping you in return.

Will you leave no man left behind. Or woman. Or Roe. Or whatever. We will occasionally cancel events to concentrate on helping specific members complete content to reach endgame.

Real life is more important than online obligations. Most members have jobs and family who depend on them. This always takes precedent, no questions asked.
Are you mature? Our membership age averages to be around 30. In-game drama of any sort is just about completely unknown here. We leave the petty in-game squabbles to the kids.

Are you immature? Because the humor here will include the phrase “that's what she said” more often than we care to admit.

The friendships formed here can last for a lifetime. More than anything we feel we have a special environment that we would like to share with you if you are that special kind of person willing to ride the short bus with us.

Joining King’s Landing is simple. Either contact me in game under the name of Celestialone Takeda, or apply in game. Remember to bring the best you have to offer both in attitude and dedication to have a great time!

King’s Landing uses Ventrilo voice-chat and encourages new members to download the free client from Ventrilo.com to maximize your gaming experience with us.
We are currently recruiting for all classes, with an emphasis on healer classes. We are looking for people that like the social aspect of the game, like to raid, and above all play the game!

Our formal event night is Saturday evening. Events tend to start at 7pm PDT. We do content most afternoons/evenings informally. We have people in every time zone, so you never run out of people to hang out with. Occasionally, we have punch and pie, but we never run out of bacon.