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    Kevin Chang
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    Hot damn. I noticed I said 3700X when I was talking about my upgrade, then I realized that was wrong because I bought a 3600X which was $100 cheaper.

    But then I remembered I replaced the Ryzen 5 sticker on my case with a Ryzen 7 sticker...

    Check CPU-Z and it's identifying the chip as a 3700X. Go dig up the box, yep, the serial sticker says 3700X. Receipt says 3600X even though it includes the serial for a 3700X on it. Just got a $100 upgrade for free. Someone either screwed up when bundling my order or did me a huge favor.

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    Special at 11:30 or w/e
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    I'm going with screwed up the bundle. When I bought my 2700X a few weeks back they sent me to the front with a slip for a 3600. Honest mistakes really, but big grats on the big free upgrade!!

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