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    Announcing the 14th Vana'versary Mog Bonanza! (05/12/2016)

    So some rather odd/interesting things this time. Rank 1 contains lvl 90 R/E and lvl 119 REMA. Not really sure why'd you even think of getting the lvl 90 (especially for empyrean) unless you were hard up for the materials which cost maybe 10 mil to buy.

    A koupon for the shield and other kupo items is rank 1 but just choosing any of those items is rank 2. Yay rank 1 making you got thru another npc interaction to get your items lol.

    Also lol unity and escha drops in there. They did interesting thing though in making tiers for those koupons and you can get everything with the highest tier but only easier to get stuff with lower.

    Pretty cool for those that haven't gotten it but echad/triez rings are at rank 4 and since they muleable if you got a bunch of same account mules can guarantee it. Also can get the trust one from rank 4.

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    Assuming it's a typo that all the empyreans come with riftdross.

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    It said one "or" the other, so (if we're talking about the same thing)

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