I'm looking for a group that is working on A7S, as group that I had been with for 2 years has disbanded. I'm currently experienced up the end of the final ball phase, while doing caster cages.

Currently, I can be available any day after 7pm, i'd prefer to be done and dusted by 10pm UK time. I can raid a bit later at a push and on non work days.

I don't want to be teaching people A5S/A6S during raid nights, but I am interested in running these fights to continually improve kill times, as well as other content.

I've cleared everything previous in the game apart from A4S due to my old raid group taking a break - I would like to go back and do that fight in appropriate gear after progression.

I would like to think I pull very good numbers with my BLM but I am always looking to get the best possible performance out of myself. I consistently theorycraft my role and am always looking to do whatever I can to maximize group DPS and personal DPS. I am not interested in carrying DPS. I'm not interested in switching to Summoner for Raiding currently, although I do plan on gearing that and my Monk. I also have the option for taking time off for Progression.

Gear wise, I currently have the i230 Lore Weapon. I've got the items for my Relic if that becomes viable. I have no problem purchasing crafted gear, and also plan to gear up my crafters in 3.3.

I'm currently on Odin server (EU) and while I'd prefer to stay on Odin, i'd consider a transfer if the group was right, depending on transfer costs. I'm also interested in filling in for groups and doing other content with groups. I have a microphone and would prefer to use TS3 rather than discord for raid voice chat for technical reasons, but I can use discord for out of game voice chat.