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    Leathercraft Guide (2016)

    Leathercraft Guide 2016

    Guild Test Items
    8-10 Rabbit Mantle - Recruit
    18-20 Lizard Cesti - Initiate
    28-30 Dhalmel Mantle - Novice
    38-40 Magic Belt - Apprentice
    48-50 Cuir Bouilli - Journeyman
    58-60 Raptor Jerkin - Craftsman
    68-70 Battle Boots - Artisan
    78-80 Tiger Gloves - Adept
    88-90 Coeurl Mask - Veteran
    98-100 Urja Trousers (must be signed) - Expert

    Items to Increase your Leathercraft Skills! (Quest Information gleaned from

    Trainee's Needle - Stats: Lv. 1 (All Jobs) DMG: 1, Delay: 200, Latent Effect: Leathercraft Skill +1 (Latent is active when your Leathercraft skill is below Lv. 40)

    Here's a Walkthrough on how to get the Trainee's Needle!
    Quest Name: Say It with a Handbag
    1. Speak with Hampu-Kampu at (G-8) in Windurst Waters (S) South Map.
    2. Head to (K-4) in Windurst Waters (S) North Map and examine the Door:Acolyte Hostel on the second floor.
    This will trigger a cutscene.
    3. Return to Hampu-Kampu and after the cutscene you will receive Key Item: Torn Patches of Leather.
    4. Go to the ground floor of the Tanners' Guild (San d'Oria) (D-8) in present day Southern San d'Oria, and talk to Kipopo to trigger a cutscene.
    She will ask you to bring Laminated Ram Leather, Sheep Leather and a Silk Thread.
    5. You will have to zone after trading the materials to Kipopo. Then speak with Kipopo to trigger another cutscene and receive the Repaired Handbag.
    Return to Windurst Waters (S) and speak with Hampu-Kampu to trigger a cutscene.
    6. Offer him the handbag to receive your reward.(Optional) Return back to Kipopo in Southern San d'Oria in the present with your Trainee's Needle equipped for an additional cutscene and more information about her father.

    Important Guild Point Items

    70,000 - Tanner's Gloves - Journeyman - A pair of gloves that gives +1 to your Leathercraft skill

    80,000 - Tanner's Ring - Craftsman - Leathercraft Success Rate +1%. Cannot synthesize high quality items.

    100,000 - Tanner's Apron - Artisan - An apron that gives +1 to your Leathercraft skill

    15,000 - Tanner's Emblem - Veteran - Probably one of the most important things to get for a Leathercrafter. Used to make a Tanners' Stall, which gives you Leathercraft Skill +5 when placed inside your Mog House

    Advanced Support NPCs

    Orechiniel - Southern San d'Oria (E-8)
    Zwaluh - Al Zahbi (G-11)

    Leathercraft Skill Armor and Other Useful Items

    Leatherworker's Torque: Obtained from brown Treasure Casket in Quicksand Caves. Gives +2 to Leathercraft skill. Lv. 70 to equip it, and it can be used right away from Lv. 0 Leathercraft all the way to the end. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you obtain this before you get started.

    Artificer's Ring: Obtained from NPC "Wortherton" in Western Adoulin in exchange for 20,000 Bayld - This nifty little ring increases the rate of synthesis success, and can be worn at Lv. 1. Very helpful item while you're skilling up.

    Craftmaster's Ring: Obtained from NPC "Wortherton" in Western Adoulin in exchange for 20,000 Bayld - This ring increases the rate of HQ success by 1%. For those times you want to try and HQ something to sell for big bucks! Can come in handy when you hit 90+ Leathercraft. I'll explain soon.

    Craftkeeper's Ring: Obtained from NPC "Wortherton" in Western Adoulin in exchange for 20,000 Bayld - This ring decreases the likelihood of losing items in case a synthesis attempt fails. This ring is optional but not necessary.

    Orvail Ring: Obtained as a reward for completing the "Seekers of Adoulin" mission line - This ring is a must have for any serious crafter and should be worn full-time while you are crafting! Not only does it offer a +5% chance of getting a skill up from your synthesis attempt, it also combines the bonuses from the other 3 rings (Artificer's, Craftmaster's, Craftkeeper's) into one small package! If you're attempting to HQ a potential big money item, this ring + Craftmaster's Ring = profit

    Shaper's Shawl: Obtained via "Inside the Belly" quest in Selbina. Trade NPC "Zaldon" a Matsya for a chance at obtaining the Shaper's Shawl. This will also increase your skill up rate. This item is recommended, but not necessary. It took me nearly 400 Matsya (both caught and purchased) to get my Shaper's Shawl. Some don't bother getting it, or just gave up.

    Leathercrafting Basics

    Since a lot of Leathercrafting involves turning hides into leather, the 3 main items you will need a lot of are Dark Crystals, Windurstian Tea Leaves, and Distilled Water. Distilled Water is cheap (12g each) at Raimbroy's Grocery in Southern San d'Oria near the Leathercraft Guild. Windurstian Tea Leaves can be bought from the NPC Baehu-Faehu in Windurst Waters for 18-22g each. Dark Crystals are easily farmed in sky, where there are multiple Dark Elementals roaming the area. Farm the clusters as much as you can, as Dark Crystals will be used the most during your skilling up. Wind Crystals, Earth Crystals, and Ice Crystals are used as well. Feel free to stock up on those as well.

    The Guide Itself

    Everything listed will show a range, from when you can start making the synth up to +10 over it's cap. Keep that in mind if you wish to begin making something new sooner.

    0-12 - Sheep Leather - Dark Crystal: Sheepskin, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water

    12-21 - Solea - Wind Crystal: Sheep Leather x 2 - Can start this as soon as 6. Synth and Desynth to continue making more

    21-31 - Dhalmel Leather - Dark Crystal: Dhalmel Hide, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Can start this as soon as 17. Take this to at least 29 but possible to get to 31

    31-45 - Ram Leather - Dark Crystal: Ram Skin, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Hammering Rams in Abyssea LaThiene have a near 100% drop rate on Ram Skins assuming at least TH3. Good way to save gil, and later on, make some gil.

    45-59 - Ram Mantle - Ice Crystal: Ram Skin, Wool Thread - Good if you have Clothcraft sub leveled. If not, buy Wool Threads from AH. NPC your results

    59-71 - Tiger Leather - Dark Crystal: Tiger Hide, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Sell your results on AH for great profit.

    70-80 - Behemoth Leather - Dark Crystal: Behemoth Hide, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Behemoth Hides are readily available at the AH due to people trying for Defending Ring. Buy what you can, convert to Behemoth Leather, and hold them for later. Can start on this as soon as 65 (Thanks to Firedemon for this entry suggestion)

    71-81 - Coeurl Leather - Dark Crystal: Coeurl Hide, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Farm Master Coeurls in Sanctuary of Zi'tah, don't sell the leather. There's a clever way to get rid of these coming up next!

    81-82 - Coeurl Cesti - Earth Crystal: Cesti, Coeurl Leather - NPC these after you make them. It's a 1 level jump but it's a great way to get rid of the Coeurl Leather and make a little gil in the process.

    82-90 - Manticore Leather - Dark Crystal: Manticore Hide, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water

    90-94 - Raaz Leather - Dark Crystal: Raaz Hide, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Can start this as soon as 80 if you like

    94-107 - Square of Griffon Leather - Dark Crystal: Griffon Hide, Wind. Tea Leaf, Distilled Water - Buy hides off the AH, or farm them in Dynamis San d'Oria. Sell results on the AH for profit

    99-109 - Dynamic Belt - Wind Crystal: Behemoth Leather, Mercury, Umbril Ooze - Use your stockpiled Behemoth Leather here. Can start on this as soon as 94. NPC your NQ results. Sell any HQ results on the AH for some profit. (Thanks to Firedemon for this entry suggestion)

    97-110 - Aetosaur Gloves - Earth Crystal: Squamous Hide, Raaz Leather, Leather Gloves - Squamous hide are a crappy drop rate. Buy them off the AH when available. Can start making this as soon as 97. Caps at 101, can get you to 110.

    The items below are the current "big ticket" items that can help you make some big gil with some luck. Keep in mind, with the Leatherworker's Torque, body, hands, Leathercrafter's Stall in your mog house, and HQ support from the guild, you can reach T1 HQ status when you are 1 below the recipe's cap. The items below will have the level you need to reach before you can attempt to HQ these items listed. This is also assuming you have all relevant sub crafts capped at 70 as well, so keep that in mind!

    91 + Clothcraft sub - Cursed Pumps: Earth Crystal - Siren's Macrame, Velvet Cloth, Gold Thread, Rainbow Cloth, Manticore Leather - Keep any HQ you make, sell NQs to NPC.

    91 - Bewitched Pumps/Voodoo Pumps: Earth Crystal - Cursed Pumps -1, Eschite Ore - Sell NQ results on AH, Bazaar any HQ results.

    106 + Clothcraft sub - Hexed Boots: Earth Crystal - Silver Thread, Lynx Leather, Kukulkan's Skin, Serica Cloth - The Kuku Skin are rare on the AH as well as Serica Cloth so keep that in mind. NPC your NQ, keep your HQ.

    106 - Vexed Boots/Jinxed Boots: Earth Crystal - Hexed Boots -1, Eschite Ore - Sell NQ results on AH, Bazaar any HQ results.

    107 + Smithing & Goldsmithing subs - Hexed Tekko: Fire Crystal - Scarletite Ingot, Gold Sheet, Durium Chain, Taffeta Cloth, Urushi, Sealord Leather - NPC or sell your NQ results, hold your HQ results.

    107 - Vexed Tekko/Jinxed Tekko: Fire Crystal - Hexed Tekko -1, Eschite Ore - Sell NQ results on AH, Bazaar any HQ results.

    109 + Clothcraft sub - Hexed Hakama: Fire Crystal - Scarletite Ingot, Gold Ingot, Gold Thread, Taffeta Cloth, Red Grass Cloth, Sealord Leather x2 - NPC or sell your NQ results, hold your HQ results.

    109 - Vexed Hakama/Jinxed Hakama: Fire Crystal - Hexed Hakama -1, Eschite Ore - Sell NQ results on AH, Bazaar any HQ results.

    109 + Goldsmithing sub - Hexed Hose: Earth Crystal - Ormolu Ingot, Behemoth Leather, Pelt of Dawon, Sealord Leather x2 - NPC any NQ results, hold your HQ results.

    109 - Vexed Hose/Jinxed Hose: Earth Crystal - Hexed Hose -1, Eschite Ore - Sell NQ results on AH, Bazaar any HQ results.

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    Behemoth hides > leather is also a level 70 synth and cheap as people spam for Defending Rings. Could keep the leathers for Dynamic Belts.

    Dynamic Belts are level 99 and are a great skillup option as they're super cheap now.

    Also, lots of blacksmiths don't have access to a leathercrafter, so making Sealord Skin > Leather and AHing them for a little profit works to cap 110 (104 synth).

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    I agree with everything you said Firedemon. I made this guide based primarily on items that are either accessible via AH, cheap, or can be farmed.

    I didn't put Sealord Leather on there as an option because the Sealord Skins are extremely pricy on the AH (currently 800k each on Shiva's AH) and a break will hurt. But yeah sure, once you're 110 by all means buy Skins, and sell the Sealord Leather (currently 1M on AH)

    However, I can easily edit in Behemoth Leather and Dynamic Belts as skill up options. I also need to edit in the Cursed/Bewitched stuff

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    All good, I was just trying to remember what I did to 110 and everything is pretty much the same. Good guide though!

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    A small note on Behemoth Leather... Hides can also be unlocked for sale in Mog Garden for 4500g each by rearing one of the behemoths.. So I'd say don't buy from AH if they are going for more than 5k each and either unlock the hides yourself or find a friend who has access to em ^^ Leather also works as Reisenjima T1 pop items, so they always sell pretty fast on AH if you have any left over after D.Belt stage.

    Also, after trying to deal with the painful drop rate on squamous hides (they were rare on AH and in the 50-100k/each range anyway,) I switched to Panther Mask (cap @ 102) for the last stretch. Came out to less than 50% the cost per synth (and lower overall loss when NPC'd) when compared to the other options available to me and the mats were much easier to farm myself than squamous hides.

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    It be nice if these guides were on the wiki. Could I take these and put them on BG?

    EDIT: Byrth said yes to his, and Funk said you would be cool with it, Yeager. So I wikitized the guides, TY for your work.

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    As someone just leveling it for subcraft, I am planning to do this:

    Stockpile Raptor and Tiger Hides

    0-13 : Sheep Leather
    13-28 : Lizard Cesti (store these after making, can buy Lizard Skin in mog gardens if you have a Baby Lizard Memento)
    28-31 : Parchment (can NPC)
    31-46 : Ram Leather (can farm hides easily in Abyssea - La Theine)
    46-49 : Ram Mantle, Buffalo Leather, or Leather Shield based on availability
    49-57 : Himantes (use Lizard Cesti from before)
    57-70 : Tiger Leather
    67-70 : Behemoth Leather (if you happen to be farming d-ring)

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    Wolf Gorgets will take you from 35-50. Wolf Hides are available from the 24/8 guild NPC (Cletae) at 600g each. Presuming you can stockpile Cotton Thread at under 250g at any of the cloth guilds, you're looking at about 350g/loss per synth. The materials are also straight from NPC, so theres no time lost farming. Do Ram Leathers if you'll wind up needing them later (or to stock on a mule).

    If you didnt stockpile Lizard Cesti, Ram Mantles are your cheapest option after.
    If you have a stockpile of Raptor Skin, do Raptor Mantle over Raptor Strap. Mantle needs Grass Thread (which is available everywhere for less than 100g), but NPC's for about 1k over 500g.
    If you have business farming Ruann T1's, you can make Catoblepas Leather. Depending on your server, buying the Hides from NPC will be cheaper than buying Tiger Hides from the AH (if there are any Hides on the AH: Carby has stacks of Tiger Hide at 40k, a stack of Catoblepas Hides cost 30k from NPC)

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    If you're sitting on a ton of tiger hides, like I was, you can do Tiger Jerkin from 80'something to 90.

    If you're buying the hides at the floored guild price, or farming them, than (at least on Asura) you should be able to make up whatever you spent on mats with just a few stacks of leathers sold.

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