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    All we can do is speculate. We know that everyone at Falcom has more than 1 job. We know Unisuga is also the Webmaster for Falcom (we started calling him the Webmaster as a goofy little nickname) and that Sonoda does sound effects and some other stuff. We suspect it's because of his fast composition speed (he claimed he wanted to do 200 songs this year) + ridiculously low rates ($100/min + $50/extra minutes). Maybe Falcom just sees more value in having their composers do other jobs and only partially compose because of this. Also, Kondo said in a few interviews between 2016-2018 that he thought his internal sound team's melodies were boring and uninspiring (may have just been parroting Kato, the chairman and founder), which is when I really started to dislike Falcom.

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    Oh wow, Kondo said that, huh?

    And no worries man -- I didn't take it as you trying to sway us. I was legit curious. I don't see any value in doing the whole 'you dislike them so you suck' deal.

    I agree with Corr -- those tracks did feel out place. I didn't mind them, I just took them as 'hm, maybe they're trying to mix it up?'.

    Though I definitely didn't care for Proud Grudge -- that one felt kinda boring and uninspired to me.

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