Friend of mine has put together this game using evolutionary computation to make the higher difficulty mobs as you play.

In this arcade style space shooter, defend against an encroaching horde of evolving enemies. At the end of each wave, only the fittest enemies reproduce to create the next generation, causing the population to adapt to your play style. How long will you be able to survive against the Protean Swarm?

Darwin’s Demons models biological evolution using enemies with digital genomes. Enemies acquire fitness by being the most aggressive, accurate, and longest lived, and only the most fit enemies reproduce to pass their genomes on to the next generation. The result? The creatures you found hardest to kill have all the babies, making each generation more challenging than the last!

To combat the Protean Swarm, take command of hundreds of different combinations of ships, shields and equipment. From homing missiles and energy shields to charged laser blasts and mines, there is a combination for every play style.

Features Coming Soon

Achievement based perk system
Cooperative Gameplay
Experiment mode

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