Drunken Siren's Call is a mixed EU/NA Free Company founded at launch on Siren. Our tag is DRUNK - but fear not, we're not a bunch of alcoholics. We're looking for people who just want a pleasant, mature home. Must be 18+. Do you work shifts or are an EU player on an NA server and need more people to hang out with? We might be perfect for you.

This is us on Lodestone http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodest...4073691030027/

We have a Medium house in Ward 1 of the Mist with all mod cons. We use Discord and GroupMe (both optional) and really would like some more sociable types to run content with. Whilst we don't currently raid Savage, we do get around to most content eventually. Lalas may be caged. Send me a message here or /tell Mexi Lostbane in game.
You can also find us on Twitter https://twitter.com/DrunkenSiren