Chrome Plated Unit - A relaxed place to call home

Who we are:
We are formed from the few remaining members of Sturmgrenadier. Once more we are actively looking to fill our ranks with dedicated players looking to have a good time in the game. While no longer officially affiliated with Sturmgrenadier we aim to make a new name for ourselves all the same.

Chrome Plated Unit in Final Fantasy:
Within Final Fantasy XIV, the unfortunate dispersal of most of our members isn’t enough to deter us. With 4.0 announced, a few of the old members came back to build from the ground up. There will be lots of fun opportunities on the horizon and we want to be a part of it all over again.

What we offer:

• A re-imagined and more laid back group
• A maxed rank Free Company
• A discord sever
• Medium house with leveled airships and a chocobo stable located in the Mist

Who we’re looking for:

We are looking for active players of FFXIV who want to succeed and have fun. We accept all classes and play styles; however we do ask all applicants be 18 years or older. We offer a few ways for you to apply and join our group.

• Send me a private message over this forum
• Whisper Damien Blackrose in game ( I am mainly on after 7 pm CST)
• Whisper our fearless leader Jay Careless

After that I'll give you an invite to our discord sever for a brief interview to learn some more about you.

Damien – Recruitment Officer