October-November Changes
*The update threads will now be posted here on BG and then linked to the BG thread on AH.com and Reddit.

-Why change from the establish FFXIAH.com postings? Long story we don't need to get into.

So, here we go~, ↑d8t3 time!

(Pictures were just randomly selected and spoilered)

Wiki Changes

*Niamor updated the elemental gorget pages (removed old crappy makeshift tables and stuff) as well as a bunch of other random pages which ends up being a lot of work.

*Nia also has been working on some improvements to some of the templates on the wiki. Thanks Nia.

*Fae updated all the physical bloodpact changes from the update and did the ambuscade rewards.

*Funkworkz realized we somehow missed doing the magian trials for Daurdabla, and added them.

*Funk also did all the monthly update stuff. Thanks for giving a funk, Funk.

*Braden on AH.com did testing on various gravity effects (as well as other testing afterwards, thanks Braden) which were then added to the wiki. This also trigger a touch up of the enfeebling magic page to include newer gear.

* ‎Byrthnoth, Rolandj, and others delivered minor updates to the wiki over the month. Thanks guys.

*Touch ups to various pages such as enfeebling and enhancing magic or category pages relating to weather and obis or gorgets, etc to cover the gap of gear from the abyssea era.
Spoiler: show

*All 198 Blue Magic spell pages were redone with any information available. I plan on eventually finishing adding spell obtainment to all of these spells, maybe a bunch of quick custom maps showing mob locations for that. This likely will happen in December and beyond.

*The blank item pages for all 109 and 119 Empyrean Armor have been updated.
Spoiler: show

*Significant page updates and formating to Albumen, Vinipata, Schah, Teles, Maju, etc.

*{{Guide}} and {{Collaborative Guide}} tags have had their colors changed so it is easier to distinguish between the two on the guide pages.

*Moar redirects! We are always trying to make navigation easier. Something as basic as “Time” shouldn’t turn up nothing because it is “Vana’diel Time”. Time as well as a bunch of variations for existing pages (“job guide” instead of just “job guides”) are now in place.

*Links to scroll pages for Ninjitsu were all fixed.

*Thank you to Llewelyn and Kairu for your contributions to information in the BG Wiki thread on AH.com.

*Korvana is buzzing around the wiki doing Korvana things. Welcome back, and I am interested in seeing your shenanigans.

*Funkworkz created and the greatest description image on the wiki
Spoiler: show

*After some LS banter during an event he also added a meme page to the famous Bradygames Guide.
We don’t talk about Bradygames

*Quiescence: Rune Fencer Guide received a slight update.

*Minor updates to thePUP guide

*Deivinho added several camps to the EXP Camps Guide

*Silversean created a new Scholar Guide

*Updates to Fae’s SMN guide

*Minor updates to Out of the BLU, but there is an overhaul coming on the guide starting today and it will be improved, cleaned up (including the ToC), and more content is being added to it.