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    Quote Originally Posted by Weltall View Post
    He could do a lot of damage off a single confirm, which very few characters had in that iteration of the game. He needed Super+Ultra to do it, but getting to that was easy. He was mostly considered broken because a lot of his wall setups were unblockables or near-unblockables. This was changed in Ultra and that's why, even when Xian picked him, you rarely ever saw him doing wall shenanigans ever again.
    Not necessarily. It was definitely one of those matchups where you needed to know his Oga setups for your character. If he was fishing for those (and there were obvious tells in most cases), it was a matter of blocking normally, not as a crossup. Definitely not a near-unblockable.

    And yeah, him getting a ton of damage was easy because he didn't have a reason to burn bar until Ultra, when they made the swap on his HK and EX Gekiro. Even then, he was still good.

    EDIT: The only period where he suffered was during Super, when he lost a lot of his BS from vanilla and didn't get his bread and butters until AE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefe View Post
    It was really fucking boring lol
    It Was Really Fucking Boring: The Story and Life of SF5.

    It must be karmic of the highest order that, in their pursuit of making the most E-sport fighting game, they ended up with a game that is easily the most boring SF to date. wew, what a hit with the player and the audience this fella is!