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    Quote Originally Posted by Anoat View Post
    Kicker for UCF has a monetized YouTube channel, NCAA says this revokes his amateur status and he loses his scholarship. Student protests, NCAA counters with a waiver that says he can keep his eligibility and continue his YT channel but only if he stops making videos that feature "his name and football abilities". Student refuses, loses scholarship.

    NCAA is retarded.
    Ehh, I may have to side with the NCAA on this one.

    It's probably an issue of them desperately needing to update what qualifies as "amateur" status in their bylaws, and they absolutely should. However:

    12.02.3 Pay. Pay is the receipt of funds, awards or benefits not permitted by the governing legislation of the
    Association for participation in athletics.

    12.02.5 Professional Athlete. A professional athlete is one who receives any kind of payment, directly or
    indirectly, for athletics participation except as permitted by the governing legislation of the Association.
    both of these instances align pretty clearly with his channel being monetized *and* athletics related.


    The NCAA even said he could continue to do the monetized motivation videos as long as they were not athletic related, which is stated pretty clearly in their current bylaws.

    tl;dr To me it sounds like an instance of everyone being at fault for a part of this. NCAA certainly needs to update stuff like this, but the kicker had a chance to keep on and opted not to.

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    Got the ask to renew our groups and such. We doing it again this year I guess? Pinging Byrd.

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    Players & Coaches will now be required to to take Sexual Violence education.

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