75 cap server with lots of custom stuff to keep you going for a long time!

Gil is not the main currency on this server, AH is stocked and everything is 100 gil!
Some items not stocked cause can be NM,BC ect ect.

We are growing! Looking for more players!

All the info on how to instal and join the fun is located on : http://wiki.hokutens.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

Complete guides on all the custom stuff as well as leveling guides, and much more!!!!

Retail Differences
75 Cap (Zilart, CoP, some ToAU, and some WoTG) (Do not go past mission 16 for ToAU for now).
EXP Rate and Page EXP are 2x retail values. Fame is 4x retail values. (NO Exp loss on Death)
Subjobs are unlocked, there is no quest to complete.
SKill Up rate is 9x retail, you can get up to .5 skillups.
Crafting Skill Up is 2.5x retail.
Exp Band's are altered to last longer and give more EXP (Can be purchased more than 1 time per week)
Walking speed faster than retail
Only one Limit break - level 70 Maat fight
Start with 1,000,000 Gil
AH is fully stocked at 100g per item except HQ gear and abjurations lvl 70-75
There are Custom @ Commands to make things easier for you.
Bibiki Bay Island is the Linkshell hangout spot. You can get there by typing @beach. Shop NPC's have been modified to sell useful items for 1 gil.
Relic Weapons have been altered and given a minor boost.
Bounding boots, emperor hairpin, K club, peacock charm drop rates have been largely increased!
Custom BCNM's to obtain Salvage gear. (work in progress)
Mythic Weapons are obtainable!
Custom warps for Exp spots found in @xpcamp warps
Alexandrite can be traded for certain gear and weapons found in Alexandrite items
Argus and Leech King are now like retail.
We have a Daily NPC that gives you a random amount of currency for Special Items.
There is a Weekly NM Hunt That you can do to earn Alexandrite for Alexandrite items
Relic Weapon times between stages reflect 2007 era and can be found Here.
AF does not need to be quested and can be bought from a shop at level 60 by using the command @af job, eg @af war

Join us! And let them know "Sketchy" Sent ya!!!!!! <3