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    I'm at work and limited to sites I can look at for information so I apologize if my questions seem silly. Only time I used Ashita was for private servers and that was five years ago. I rejoined XI and am currently using windower, which is fine, but when glancing at gearswap my brain isn't comprehending it immediately. Is Ashitacast essentially spellcast?

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    Been awhile since I used spellcast but iirc in terms of how the .xmls are written and ease of doing so ashitacast is somewhat like spellcast. But it has similar functionally as gearswap without having to ask for motes luas

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    Quote Originally Posted by atom0s View Post
    Glad to hear your issue is fixed. Can you link me to the page that was erroring for you?
    Hi Atom0s, Sorry but i forgot to edit the post to say i changed a few other things also.

    I’m still not 100% sure it was the config file for retail.
    I changed all the settings in It and can’t remember what the original setters were, sorry.
    As well as changing the config settings, I also re-downloaded the Direct3D8 to Direct3D9 Proxy. I didn’t check ffxi was working correctly before doing this.

    Either way its working now.
    If I can replicate the error, I will let you know.
    Sorry for the false bug report, possibly just my own stupidity.

    Thanks again for all your great work.


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