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    Quote Originally Posted by Headspace View Post
    Champs vs Pros is HYPE AF

    The season preview at the end of ep 1 was better than the entire season of Invasion of the Champs

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    So good.

    Lolo is a damn lunatic, she's perfect for the show. My only regret is we don't get to see champ v pro in eliminations but watching Shawne merriman vs Wes wouldn't be very fair anyway. Fingers crossed to see a pro crush Ashley's stupid face

    Through one episode it looks like this experiment was genius

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    My DVR recorded the Champs vs. Pros, but not the Reunion for some reason, so I watched it, despite my initial ambivalence, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

    It's funny how you think the good athletes from the Challenge are elite level, and then you have actual world-class athletes out there. What Lolo did on the wall climb elimination truly showed the champs what they were up against. Although if they stick with games that the Champs have (for the most part) played before, they might have a chance. Anything that's purely straight up athletic between the two, it likely won't be a contest.

    Louise's lime trick seemed obvious to me, but I'm surprised that nobody else caught on. Pretty sure that wouldn't have flown at all, if that was the Champions on that side.

    It will also be interesting to see if any of these people come back for a later season. Some of them are certainly too famous and won't take the time off their primary jobs, but others might be well suited.

    Champs vs. Pros eliminations would be fun, but should probably be something puzzle related and not a physical elimination. I think that might be one-sided to the point of being dangerous.

    And why couldn't they get Laurel for this one? She seems like the best choice of all available female options. Hell, Emily might have come out for this one since they never have to leave LA.

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    The season preview at the end of the episode looks fucking nuts lol.

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    Finally watched the 1st episode of Champs Challenge Vets vs Pros. How many times is Victor Cruz going to say "agility"? Hope he has a new word of the day next week.

    Lolo is absolutely nuts and totally irrational. She's perfectly annoying for this show. I was actually surprised with Louise's lime switcharoo because it never crossed my mind that these "non-reality tv stars" were capable of such deceptive strategy. Brilliant by her. Lolo was being an entitled little shit and put a target on her back off jump. Is she still a "virgin"? She is a lot less feminine than I thought. I was getting a hint of roid rage.

    Veronica's strategy was all wrong. My goodness. How does your opponent fall off and still smoke you to the top. And Veronica ended up with bloody fingers for her troubles.

    I wish they would let the Pros go first so their inexperience (and not watching the blueprint) would neutralize their athleticism. Good start to this show.

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    Well, that was the "agility" challenge. Next week will be "strength" or "endurance" or something else. Vic said specifically at the start that each time they'd be testing another skill.

    Last part is a fair point, but it doesn't totally close the experience gap. Did he say anything specific about the Vets going first to indicate that they always would in challenges like that? For all we know, Pros might go first next time by virtue of winning this one, or it could even be random. I'd be surprised if all the challenges are like that, rather than running side-by-side or actually have them going against each other. I didn't pay attention to what the challenges were looking like in the season preview.

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