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FF14 Stormblood - Samurai to use Setsu-Getsu-Ka! Interview with Producer / Director Naoki Yoshida

After the Fan Festival in Germany, our expectations for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, which will be released on June 20, have risen even higher. Producer / Director Naoki Yoshida responded to an e-mail list of interview questions that were submitted from Dengeki.

The e-mail interview is in addition to a joint media interview event that happened at the end of the first day of the Fan Festival in Germany. The content should be different from each media outlet, so it should be fun to take a look for those interested.

Will patch 4.0 see any adjustments to the relationship of secondary stats, like parry and accuracy which have been frequently mentioned in the past? What will the adjustments look like?

Yoshida: We'll be making changes to some of the stats like parry, accuracy, block rate, piety, and main stats. This will take a fairly detailed explanation, so I'll leave this for future explanation at something like a live producer letter. Please hang on until then for more details.

Based on the description of the panda minion and the item text on Tiger Cod, it seems that pandas and tigers are exotic animals that exist in the East. Will we be able to see the real thing?

Yoshida: As the adventure moves to a different continent, I think there will also be many changes to the monster ecosystem. The panda is actually a ferocious animal, but you might feel a bit hesitant to hit that lovely panda in Eorzea. Please check it out the animals and monsters with your own eyes to see what you run into!

Will there be new content added that we can undertake using new company crafting that could replace or use the airship? (With the sea coming into play, maybe next time we can make a submarine?!)

Yoshida: We're planning a major update to company crafting during the patch 4.X series. Underwater craft are one of the candidates; hopefully you can continue to speculate until more details are revealed.

Once 4.0 is released, I imagine there will be a large population of samurai and red mages, so is there anything you might do to motivate tanks and healers to continue playing those roles?

Yoshida: We are preparing a higher tier exclusive mount for tanks. However, as I mentioned at the keynote, based on the data from Heavensward, tanks and healers did not suddenly switch to DPS jobs. With the new Allagan Tomestone being added just a few weeks after the release of 4.0, most players are likely to focus first on their main job role.

Of course, after players level their main job, I think they will be leveling the new jobs as well. However, with Deep Dungeon and FATEs, I think most players wouldn't be using instanced dungeons as their method of choice for leveling. Rather, I think Deep Dungeon might turn out to be the most crowded.

With the addition of two DPS jobs, there might be a shortage of tanks and healers, especially in the level 50 to 60 range. Are you thinking about any measures to help with that (e.g. increasing the bonus for leveling roulette, providing alternative means of earning EXP, or increasing the range of viable levels for EXP content)?

Yoshida: Although this is a bit of a duplicate answer to above, I think it's probably better not to stick to just instanced dungeons since you can also gain EXP in FATEs and Deep Dungeon. Deep Dungeon is currently the most efficient way to level up.

Tell us about the four gods (Seiryu, Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko) that we can see on the map. Will this be different from the Warring Triad?

Yoshida: I'll leave it to your imagination as far as what they might mean, or if they even mean anything in the first place. Outside of that, there are some other secrets hidden on the new world map, so please check it out if you're interested in the world setting.

Will there be a new company for a new city under the Grand Companies of Eorzea? (If so, can you register your affiliation there?)

Yoshida: I touched on this in the keynote lecture, but Kugane is a port town in the country of Hingashi which is currently under an isolationist policy. What's going on right now in Hingashi will be talked about to some extent in Stormblood, so please wait until then to find out more. In short, there is no national group like a Grand Company in Kugane. There is an organization there, but players won't be able to join it.

Around the internet, it seems some Warriors of Light are a bit nervous about the potential teleportation fees. Will inter-continental movement be very expensive?

Yoshida: Intercontinental movement will cost a decent amount of gil, but we're working on final adjustments so that nothing exceeds 999 gil.

Tell us about samurai's limit break technique. Perhaps it's Setsu-Getsu-Ka?!

Yoshida: I think we'll show off the new jobs' limit breaks as part of the new benchmark software, so please wait until then. In any case, whether it's a LB or something else, Setsu-Getsu-Ka does exist.

Is there any possibility that Gilgamesh will appear with some connection to samurai?

Yoshida: Rumor has it that there's some sort of bouncer [[= yojimbo]] who stands at arms in the East, so I wonder if that's something.... Anyway, it's been a while since we've seen Gilgamesh, hasn't it? I hope he's doing well.