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    FFXI project: importing zones into the Unity 3D game engine (download included)

    Hey everybody, I'd like to announce the start of a new community project dedicated to converting FFXI zones over into the Unity 3D game engine using the programs Area Demo and Noesis. By importing all of the FFXI zones into the Unity engine, we can theoretically recreate FFXI with better graphics (dynamic lighting, reflections, bump mapping, realistic water, high-rez textures, etc.). We could even remake FFXI as an offline, single player RPG, or just make our own custom spinoff games set in the world of Vana'diel. A handful of community members have already converted a few zones over on their own, and this project aims to bring all those together, as well as convert the rest. However, converting even a single zone is a huge undertaking, and getting all of the zones converted is going to be an enormous project that will require a community effort to complete. This project is open to anyone who wants to participate. Just stay in touch using this subreddit, and try not to duplicate work that other people have already completed (unless you have a good reason). You can download the project files and relevant programs from the links below. In order to use the project files, you must have the Unity 3D game engine installed (version 5.5.1f1 or higher).

    Project Files:(Current project version contains only Bastok Markets and a title screen.)

    Ideal Noesis Zone Export Settings (FBX):
    When exporting a zone from Noesis, save the file as an FBX, and use the following settings to get ideal results:
    -ff11blendhack 0.99 -ff11optimizegeo -ff11keepnames -rotate 180 0 270
    Area Demo:
    Area Demo is used primarily to get the texture files, since Noesis does not preserve the file names of the textures for some reason, while Area Demo does. Without the correct file names, hooking up texture files to their appropriate materials in Unity becomes an almost impossible guessing game. Area Demo saves us that trouble by keeping the file names intact. Area Demo also converts zone geometry, but it saves the data as an .mqo file, which is not compatible with the Unity game engine, and I have not yet found a way to convert from .mqo to .fbx.

    Unfortunately, one major limitation of Area Demo is that it appears to only give us access to the original zones. As far as I can tell, Area Demo does not give its users access to zones from any of the expansion packs, not even Rise of the Zilart. At this point, I am not sure how we're going to solve this problem, but we can worry about it later, as converting all the original zones will be enough to keep our hands full for a while.

    Additionally, it should be noted that Area Demo is a Japanese program, and can only be used with the Japanese version of the game. This isn't a huge problem, since Square-Enix has made the installation files for FFXI available to download for free from the official website, but it does create an issue in that SE has chosen to make it so that the Japanese version and the North American version cannot both be installed simultaneously on the same PC, which makes this whole process rather annoying for people who don't have multiple computers.

    Synchronizing Project Files:
    Project files will be hosted on GitHub. There are several methods for participating individuals to synchronize their own project files with the main repository on GitHub, though I personally recommend using the program GitKraken. Strictly speaking, GitKraken is not technically necessary, but it does make the whole process flow a lot smoother, and helps keep everyone up to date.

    Converted Zones:
    The following is a list of zones that have already been converted over or are in the process of being converted over. In order to avoid unnecessary duplication of work, any community members wishing to contribute to this project should avoid doing these zones.
    • Bastok Markets (some geometry errors), converted by Rhianu
    • Southern San d'Oria, converted by kitfm (Reddit user)
    • La Theine Plateau, converted by kitfm (Reddit user)
    • Lower Jeuno, converted by kitfm (Reddit user)
    • Selbina, converted by gatorkea (Reddit user)
    • Valkurm Dunes (in process), currently being converted by gatorkea (Reddit user)

    ROM List:

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    Please do not call me a reddit user, thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suteru View Post
    Please do not call me a reddit user, thank you very much.
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