March to April Updates
Another month has passed by, and as always we are hard at work trying to be the greatest Final Fantasy XI wiki there is.

Thanks to the hard work of all of are members we are getting greater every day. Thanks, everyone.

Wiki Changes
  • Quests for the Adoulin expansion quest page are now divided by type/zone instead of being one long list. This quest list was also updated, no quests were missing, but information was improved on many quest pages.
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  • Beautification, images and things were added to many pages such as Vagary or Reives. As well as updates to some older information on these pages.
  • Various quest walkthroughs for Seekers of Adoulin have been improved. This includes page creations for NPCs and images galore.
  • Various pages were updated such as Plutons (and related items) or some Cursed armor. Typical monthly work.
  • Funkworkz has improved Bard Songs, rather than leaving the spell pages simply directing users to the category page with all the information. Tables were added to display information and reference the category pages.
    *This is a current work in progress and will take time to complete.
  • Rehn, Wheeldog, and other users added guild points.
  • Various Category work was done by Fae and myself. Families were added or updated. Fae added pictures too!
  • Various minor changes or improvements to NM pages.
  • Chia and Fae updated the Ambuscade Rewards page layout in the wake of +2 armor. Now we have fancy tabs that save space. Simply click the set and the items will change in the table.
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  • The weapon skill page was updated and all of the weapon categories are now properly laid out with job skill caps and weapon skill information.
  • Loona, Xurion, Oghami, myself, etc updated various aspects of battlefield information.
  • Oghami added trials based on 119 REM weapons.
  • Oghami updated various page information as well as added the correct colors to table headers for forged NPC AF (PUP, RUN, etc).
  • A couple of BLU spells had obtainment information added, but this is an ongoing long term project.
Guide Changes