HC static with times bordering between HC/MC looking for an all-star healer for 4.0.

The majority of the group is still together from when we cleared A8S together in early May 2016 and Week1 A12S. We've picked up a stellar, loyal ranged DPS and need to round our group back out with a healer. I'll be playing the other healer and am comfortable/experienced with both main heals and shields in progression, so I'm open to inviting either an AST or a SCH (sorry, #deletewhm #deletemnk #deletepld).

Our times are typically Sun-Thurs from ~9/9:30pm EST until about 1/2am EST (depends on progress, etc, sometimes we'll run weekends if it works out, etc). A bunch of the group are working adults that deal with occasional schedule issues (very infrequent but it happens). We know we are more than capable of being in the world race but value real life more than virtual life at the end of the day.

If you're interested and you think you might meet our standards, feel free to send me a PM here with your character info, logs, and any videos of your play that you might have.