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    LF good deal on a flight

    Flying out to LA from Houston in late June. Haven't flown in seven years or so. I've done some research, and I haven't found any particular trick to finding good deals, other than just stumbling upon the right price at the right time when it's up. Mrs says she waited a week or so before her last trip there and got a good deal. I'm a bit paranoid and am not too big on risking sold out flights, especially since it's summer.

    What say you, BG? Any recommendations for finding a good deal? I usually fly Southwest. Never had any problems. Spirit usually pops up as cheapest, but I've heard they're terrible, and you make up the discount on your ticket in baggage fees. So preferably not Spirit. Thanks in advance!

    Depart flight from Houston June 30
    Return flight from LA July 5
    Two adult tickets

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    I fly a lot for work so here's my 2 cents. Obviously my experience will differ from person to person.

    If you're going for cheap + domestic then most definitely fly southwest. Others may seem cheaper but southwest has no additional fees for like anything. I've changed my flight like 3 times in a week before and they were more than happy to do it and didn't charge me any additional fees (only the difference in fare). That plus free bags + their general customer service would make them my top choice.

    Next you basically have to scout. The good news is that you're flying between two major cities so that helps. Basically, once a week or so for around the next 2 or 3 weeks check the cost of the flights. They have sales every 3-4 months so you may get lucky. If you see the sale buy immediately as they tend to not tell you when the sale actually ends.

    You'll have an easier time on the departing flight than returning, as a lot of people that fly business tend to fly on Mondays. If you can possible change your return flight to the 6'th it would probably help a lot. I would recommend you book at least two weeks in advance, after that the super cheap seats start to fill up.

    Good luck!

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