Wiki Changes:
(Images of changes are spoilered)
  • More spell acquisition information was added to Blue Magic pages. This is a continual work in progress.

  • Funkworkz finished the new bard layout for all songs.

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  • Wheeldog and Kriz added more guild points to item pages.

  • Armor set pages were created for all the new Su3 armor.

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  • Fae separated out the unity accessories from the armor and into their own category page.

  • Fae, our glorious queen, also built out the new amazing and massive Superior Equipment page. It was clearly a lot of work, and covers all present and future Su gear.

  • Brynoth added the new RoE objectives.

  • Escutcheons were updated with phase 3 information thanks to several authors such as Lolwutt, Ohgami, Wheeldog, Danallen, Epikphael, and others.

  • Odin’s Chambers and various pages related to Einherjar were improved.

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  • Corsair Rolls now have a little dice icon linking to the die page instead of simply text.

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  • SKCNM 20 pages were updated. There are two left, and will be done soon. Drops from the current event will be put on the page.

  • Various pages were made more aesthetically pleasing. Via colors, pictures, icons, etc added to them. NPCs, item in game images, etc were done too.

Guide Changes

  • ‎”Kanriel” contributed textual updates to the THF Guide

  • Ohgami added a few quick starter BLM sets to the BLM Guide

  • Out of the BLU was updated with more beginner equipment sets and refinements.