So okay, I don't have a Xbox. Really. (Just Windows 10) So when this popped up on Tmobile Tuesdays, I didn't know wtf to do with it. And the brother who has a Xbox One doesn't want it. So I'm offering it here.

Won't put the code in public but first come, first served. AND HURRY. If you try tomorrow (It expires on June 14th), it'll be too late and the code'll be dead. Either post here or PM me and I'll pm you the code.

If no one says anything by tomorrow, I'll edit the post to reflect that since yes, the code'll be dead, lost your chance. Would rather someone got it who could USE it though. Also if someone does get it, I'll edit this post too so you know. ^^

Sorry to say, this offer is now closed. No one bit, so the code is dead. Sorry guys.