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    WTS: Official Blizzard Reaper statue

    Looking to sell my brand new Reaper statue that was purchased directly from the Blizzard store. I totally forgot I made this order back in December and it arrived yesterday but I could really use the money right now so unfortunately I'm parting ways with it.

    I haven't removed the statue from the box but can open it up completely if a potential buyer wants to see it in all its glory.

    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/1HSfD

    Asking $180 shipped Paypal or $170 local pickup (very close to DFW airport, Texas)

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    Isn't that the one thats selling for $150 blizzard gear store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zamocny View Post
    Isn't that the one thats selling for $150 blizzard gear store?
    Factoring in tax/shipping 180 isn't horrible. Especially since you'd want to send that priority mail, which will run about 20 bucks.

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