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    Discord Bots?

    I've been trying to look for a good way to setup events with reminders for my friends that play FFXIV. We always plan to meet up, but there's usually one or two people that totally forget (we decide far enough ahead, so it's understandable). One of my friends -- who doesn't play FFXIV at all -- suggested setting up discord bots for my group, but we've been dorks using Skype for like 9 years. I just setup a server, and have no idea what I'm missing with these bots.

    Has anyone used this one, or know of ones I definitely should be using for XIV? I feel like I've crawled out from under a rock

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    There are tons of Discord bots out there. I've never used a calendar bot. I see Discal mentioned.

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    Discal bot is the thing i was using with my clan for awhile, can recommend it for that purpose

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