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    Salvage Bans
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    Desynthesis: How does this work?

    Basically, I've been digging around the forums and got no hits for the mechanics behind desynthesis, but I want to know how one should "do it right". Maybe I just didn't find the magic search words, so if anything is known, please point me in the right direction someone..

    I grew curious due to my attempts to desynth Wivre Shields for hides (which apparently works, and I updated the wiki page already.) I'm on the T2 stage for my shield, and noticed that I got a bonus to craftsmanship from the desynth by doing an "Artisan/Adept recipe", but the crafting cap to make one is 81. That means that the desynth recipe skill cap has to be lower skill than the synth recipe. Do we know how much below the recipe cap a respective desynth recipe would be?

    I know that desynthesis never seemed to follow the same rules as synthing, so any pointers on how to maximize success that would be different than what I should be doing would be greatly appreciated. ^^

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    Salvage Bans
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    macarons and moghancement desynth are the only things i'm aware of, hq rates are extremely different.

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