Okay. I got a little problem.

It took me a while to run part of it down (seems if you don't get the sound set right, when you got Win 10 and my sound chip, you get this nasty echo when you use line in that makes it sound like it's coming out of a trash can), but the other? Seems I got the wrong male to male patch cable. If I touch it at all while it's in my puter, I get static.

The one I had before was a Radio Shack shielded patch cable, and I almost never got static on that before it got stepped on and one of the plugs got broke off. Since Radio Shack is getting really hard to find now/is going out of business, I'm looking on Amazon and Monoprice for a similar one that won't give me the static noise.

Any suggestions guys? Thanks, I'd rather save my poor ears!