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    Quote Originally Posted by dasva View Post
    If you are referring to me my understanding is on how debuffs and resist states themselves work not ws acc
    I was replying to Fwahm since it sounded like he was expecting a low acc rate w/ Shockwave's AE. The linked update was specifically addressing the unexpectedly low magic accuracy (landing/resist rate) of the added effects of the listed weapon skills after they confirmed a problem with a GK ws and did a pass on the rest. I kept hearing that the update worked great from lsmates, so seemed odd that the rate should be low against anything other than dark-resistant mobs.

    Fwahm: Since I imagine that it's going to be tricky to get accurate numbers on mosquitos due to not knowing their actual dark resist values, maybe try something else?

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    No mab, mdmg or anything (yes took vorseal off) stone does 10 dmg (dint 0 value) 277 int on lvl 125 devouring mosquito. Eyeballing and all but from other testing I've done seems consistent with tied for 3 int jobs ie decently lower than blm much higher than war and about what I've seen other drks.

    Sleep testing as a pup/sch no weapon and only about 15 macc in gear so clearly waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay below the floor. 121 resist 15 lands comes out to 11% +/- 5.2% sorry on accuracy got super bored and maintenance coming up. Still kind of proves sub 1% isn't possible from just meva/macc resistance. So unless we not only accept they have different macc values (obviously true) but that the very way the debuff itself works is different I'd say 5% hit rate still the floor outside of soft immunites, complete immunites and actual job trait resist traits

    Also something of note not a single immunobreak. SE and just player testimony has suggested immunobreak rates are based on something similar to macc/meva but looks like it can go a lot lower than resist rates from that possible even 0

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