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    Just sent out a couple friend invites, just a heads up. BTag name is the same. Just want some people to play with to give me a little more incentive to play. Gets a little boring after a few hours solo queuing QP and I don't want to even touch comp solo.

    I'm not really excited for any of those new skins. They are impressive and I love the detail going into the new skins coming out, but I'll live if I don't get any of them. I still want Mei's white/purple one from last year but I spent coins to get D.Va so I'll have to get lucky and pull it from a box.

    I lie. Now that I look at Widow's skin up close in game.. I kind of want it even though I probably will never play her outside of Mystery Heroes. Also, Mei's skin is only 1k so I can afford it! Thought it would be 3k.

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    Shit, sorry leashed, invite me again

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    The Roadhog emote is pretty good. Though nothign screams must have for me. Probablyt for the best since I kinda burned myself out again already.

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