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Shipping from Anchorage, Alaska.

Things to sell (Prices in US Dollars):

2x New Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Black Edition (NOT XL, smaller size), 11.0 firmware, premodded with Boot9Strap 1.0 and Luma 7.1, asking $190 US each plus shipping. I will unpack them to update to B9S 1.2 and latest Luma if desired, but am trying to minimize handling of them to keep them in best condition.
Sold it locally.

Compare to Amazon where they are going for $250 per unit.

WonderSwan Crystal console and some PS2, Game Gear, and Virtual Boy games, pictured here:

Game Gear: Puyo Puyo 2 (Japanese) $15, Arcade Classics (Centipede and Missile Command, American) $10

Virtual Boy: Mario's Tennis (American) $10, Nester's Funky Bowling (American) $30, Galactic Pinball (American) $15, Tobidase PaniBon (Panic Bomber, Japanese) $10, Mario Clash (American) $25

PS2: EG Browser BB (Japanese, web browser for broadband adapter) $8, .hack Volume 3 (Japanese, anime disc is region 3) $15, Xenosaga Episode 1 (Japanese) $15, Guilty Gear XX (Japanese) $15, Tales of Destiny 2 (Japanese) $10. .hack Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine, prefer to sell as set, $350.

I have a SwanCrystal (wine red color, no box or manuals) $100, 1 headphone adapter for the system $10, 1 Communication Cable (for multiplayer) $20, and 4 games with manuals. Games are Final Fantasy II $20 , Rockman EXE WS $50, Kurupara $60, and Guilty Gear Petit 2 $50. I have tested all games and save files are intact and can be updated.

Shipping will obviously be cheaper for multiple items. Negotiation possible for some items.

The Reddit thread has some FFXI discs listed as well, but I am negotiating with someone for them now and will put them in this thread if that doesn't go through.