Another month in review.

To all the new users welcome. There were quite a few this month, and we are glad you are part of the wiki.

As for Whitey, our unofficial mascot by my decree of which I have no authority to make. We are still trying to teach him how to wiki, but he still rather eat grass. Then again most of the users are probably more interested in grass rather than the wiki as well

As a final note. Blue Gartr shirts are now in stock on Amazon. They aren't just in red either. ;>.>

Wiki Changes

  • Fae recolored the nation mission pages. Each with nation based colors.

Spoiler: show

  • ‎Tuknaput created missing pages for Apex mobs.

  • ‎Wheeldog updated more guildpoint items.

  • ‎JSE Capes individually were better linked to the cape augment page.

  • ‎Korino updated the CoP mission page walkthroughs with maps, tables, and additional details.

  • ‎Zhane added augments for the Reienkyo polearm to the Oseem page.

  • ‎Tewfpick modernized an old BCNM page, The Worm’s Turn.

  • ‎Nyarlko updated the rank up requirements for areas in the Mog Garden as well as other minor edits.

  • Funkworks pushed the monthly update, updated images, added new redirects, and added the new crafting information to pages.

  • Transclusions were set up for AF 1 109-119+3 and Mewwgoat took that and added it to the hundreds of armor pages so each now displays upgrade requirements.

Spoiler: show

  • Ambuscade monthly information update. We were ahead of the curve this time, good job.

  • The Gold World Pass page was updated with the recent changes by SE.

  • The Sidebar now has the getting started guide linked in it for new or prospective editors.

  • Various updates to various pages, typical wiki informational gathering and improvement.

  • The Fishing page got modernized to be inline with the rest of the crafts and got cleaned up a bit. Its still missing a lot of fish info but hopefully it will help entice people to help with that. ~Darv added Aug 22nd

Guide Changes

  • ‎Bosspatch contributed minor additions to the collaborative WAR guide.